Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Senate Democrats Kick Off 2009 Session

We in Arizona, like at least 30 other states, are facing the reality that our revenue is not meeting the expenses of our state. Democrats believe that this present crisis, like the previous economic crisis, is a direct effect of the unbridled economic greed, nurtured and perpetuated by President Bush and Republican policies. Americans were pummeled as consumer protections were consistently ignored and loosened while white-collar crime was given free rein.

Most of my Republican colleagues want Arizonans to believe that the state’s financial crisis is a direct result of needless and reckless spending by Governor Napolitano. The fact that a number of states are also experiencing budget shortfalls speaks otherwise.

The Arizona Senate Democratic Caucus blog is designed to provide Arizonans with an alternative view of how government in Arizona should and can operate. We will explore the causes, effects and the solutions that will move the state forward through this financial crisis. We expect this session to be a very challenging one with good reason. The primary issue we face is closing a budget deficit of $1.2 billion for the current fiscal year and an even bigger one for the coming year without shortchanging Arizona’s children and families.

This blog will be more than budget talk. We will keep you up to date on our efforts to preserve quality of life for the citizens of Arizona through the difficult days ahead, including controversial policy issues to be heard in committee, how they fared and how they progress. We also invite you to comment on issues that you feel are important.

The 12 members of the Arizona Senate Democratic caucus are committed to giving voice to the citizens of Arizona, and making sure that people are not pushed aside in favor of politics and special interests. We look forward to working for you this session and beyond.

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