Thursday, April 30, 2009

Republican Budget Terms Glossary

The Republican Joint Budget Proposal released several days ago contained some terms that sanitized the true impact that will occur if a particular cut occurs. Enter the Republican Budget Terms Glossary. In this nifty little guide, you will find what each budget line really meant. We all understand there need to be sacrifices, but Arizonans deserve to know exactly what each of these items really cut. We should also note that the consequences of each of these items are from Republican-produced items.

Republican Budget Terms Glossary

Annualization: Everything we cut in the last budget is going away forever. We have concluded that you did not really need it after all.

FRAT/Reduction, Public Safety Equipment: We are taking all the money that DPS uses to buy bulletproof vests and other safety equipment for its officers. But, we will continue to say that we are standing up for public safety.

Garage Fund Transfer, DPS – DNA Identification System: DNA testing will take much longer, which means that we will not catch criminals in a timely manner.

Inflator, Education 2 Percent: We are trying to make ourselves look good by giving $8 million to public schools. We hope you will not figure out that according to the law that you voted for, it should really be $110 million.

Lost Federal Funds: We do not even talk about this because we do not want you to know that by cutting state money from programs as we propose, the state also loses federal money. Our current budget will cause the following:
*30% increase in deadbeat parents who don’t pay child support.
*8,000 older Arizonans forced out of their homes.
*10,000 fewer homeless shelter beds.
*9,000 abused women and children with no place to go.
*3,000 families unable to pay utility bills.
*Childcare assistance lost for an additional 30,000 families.

Lump Sum: This is where we hide cuts we do not want to tell you about in advance because we do not want to hear you whine about it.
AHCCCS Lump Sum: We know that you told us there is not much left to cut, but we are taking all that we can get.

Department of Corrections/Juvenile Corrections Lump Sum: We are going to give correctional officers two weeks less paid training before sending them into our understaffed, overcrowded prisons. And, we’re taking back those pay raises we gave two years ago. Thanks for your service!

Department of Economic Security Lump Sum: See “Lost Federal Funds”

Department of Health Services Lump Sum: We are reducing or eliminating funding for public health programs such as disease outbreaks in the middle of a public health crisis. We are also making it more difficult for the uninsured to get necessary health care, and eliminate healthcare services for 1,200 chronically ill children.

Department of Revenue Lump Sum: We think that taxes are too high, so we cut 297 employees so the state cannot find you if you do not pay. This also means that the state will not have the staff to go after the $240 million in delinquent corporate taxes.

Education Lump Sum: We are cutting hundreds of millions from public education, causing permanent teacher layoffs, larger class sizes and compromising school safety. Physical education, fine arts and sports will be first on the block. However, we will continue to use the talking point that we want what is best for Arizona’s children.

Universities Lump Sum: Our students do not pay enough in tuition. We want them to pay more, so that they have a greater sense of pride about their degree. Let’s take $40 million so universities have to increase it.

Reduce Childcare Funding: Eliminate childcare assistance for 4,000 children and give up $33 million in federal stimulus money. Children will be left in unsafe situations and parents will lose jobs.

Reduce Children’s Support Services: These services are supports for families involved in the CPS system and reunification services for families who have had a child removed from the home. More children will go into foster homes because 10,000 children will lose these in-home services.

Sweeps, University Tuition and Fee: Not only are we raising tuition; we are also sweeping $90 million in existing tuition and fee revenues, so you will have to pay higher fees and more for textbooks, too!

TANF Recipients: Children. Seventy-five percent of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families caseload is children.

TANF Recipients, Drug testing: We want to save money by testing your children for drugs.

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