Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sen. Aguirre Appointed to Bi-Partisan Mental Health Team

Sen. Amanda Aguirre (D-24) was appointed by Gov. Jan Brewer to a bi-partisan mental health team in order to address structural behavioral reform. The group includes the Governor and ranking members of the two legislative health committees.

“I am pleased that I’ve been asked to participate in this group to help look for ways to provide mental health services to Arizonans, district 24 and rural areas. Adequate mental health services are especially important in rural areas because of increased transportation issues to find providers,” said Sen. Amanda Aguirre (D-24). “We also need to focus on prevention services. Failure to provide preventative services only resurfaces as added costs to families and our communities.”

Sen. Aguirre is the ranking Democratic member of the Senate Health Committee and brings 25 years of involvement in public health education and administration to the table.

The group is set to meet through the beginning of May.

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