Thursday, May 28, 2009

Democrats Announce 2010 joint budget solution

Today, Democratic lawmakers announced a practical and comprehensive budget solution that protects children and middle-class families from deep cuts to education and from high tax increases.

Democratic lawmakers’ comprehensive solution:

-Utilizes every federal stimulus dollar available to Arizona
-Implements smart, responsible cuts across state government, including the House slush fund
-Restores necessary funding to education and middle-class families to make our economy thrive
-Responsibly generates revenue, while holding cities, towns and counties harmless from loss of shared revenue and protecting middle-class families from a high tax increase

“It’s almost June and Arizonans are still looking for leadership in this time of economic turmoil,” said Senate Democratic Whip Linda Lopez. “Severe cuts to education and health care services are not the answer. We need real leadership that provides a balanced approach using program cuts, generating future revenues and utilizing federal stimulus money.”

“The Democratic proposal is the only balanced plan that reduces government spending while preserving vital services,” said Sen. Ken Cheuvront. “The plan broadens the sales tax base which allows us to reduce the state sales tax burden from 5 to 3.4 percent, making every day purchases more affordable for Arizona families.”

Please click here for the budget spreadsheet.

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