Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FY 2010 Budget to be Heard in Committee Wednesday

It was just announced from the floor today that an Appropriations hearing will be held Wednesday, May 20 at 11 a.m. or upon adjournment of the PSHS committee. for the purpose of hearing the FY 2010 budget bills.

The bills have not been posted yet, so we are unaware of the specific content. We will post links to the bills once they are available.

*SB1027 - technical correction; bonds; tax considerations(Pearce R)
capital outlay; FY 2009-2010 Bill

*SB1028 - technical correction; private funds; disposition(Pearce R)
budget reconciliation; criminal justice Bill

*SB1029 - technical correction; budget estimates(Pearce R)
budget reconciliation; higher education Bill

*SB1031 - tax exemption; technical correction(Pearce R)
budget reconciliation; assets Bill

*SB1035 - school bonds; technical correction(Pearce R)
budget reconciliation; general government Bill

*SB1036 - tax anticipation bonds; technical correction(Pearce R)
budget reconcilciation; general revenues Bill

*SB1145 - technical correction; dry wells; regulation(Allen S)
budget reconciliation; health and welfare Bill

*SB1187 - technical correction; deceptive mailings(Burns)
budget reconciliation; K-12 Bill

*SB1188 - fiduciary funds; deposits; technical correction(Burns)
general appropriations; FY 2009-2010 Bill

*SB1258 - mine inspector; education; training; fees(Allen S)
budget reconciliation; environment Bill

*Strike everything amendment may be offered

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