Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sen. Rios' Statement at AEA Press Conference

This evening, the Arizona Education Association held a press conference. Here is part of it featuring comments by Sen. Rebecca Rios where she calls on Governor Brewer to veto the budget bills so we can create a budget that protects Arizona and public education in Arizona.

This afternoon, Sen. Rios gave the following statement to a gallery of educators.

"I would like to thank the hardworking teachers for advocating on behalf of children of the state of Arizona. Me and my Democratic colleagues have fought very hard against the cuts to education. We are also against the policy changes that are in the budget to punish teachers. We very much appreciate your support. We will continue to offer amendments to help education. Please don’t give up the fight because as Democrats we have not."

Contingency Plans?

Despite repeated requests by Democrats and media, Governor Brewer's office has yet to produce a document showing what state services will stay open if the fiscal year ends without a budget.

As best we can tell, the Department of Administration website will be serving as a hub for this information. The pictures are up, but as of yet, the links do not lead to anything.

Opinions Around the State

We are going back to the Senate floor in a moment, but we thought to share some of the opinions of the Editorial Boards around the state that were in today's papers.

Yuma Sun - Brinksmanship Over Arizona budget wrong

Arizona Daily Star - Lawmakers act recklessly in final hours

Monday, June 29, 2009

Republicans Push Budget Bills Out of Senate Education Committee

Tonight, after a long day of waiting, all of the Republicans budget bills made it out of the Senate Education committee, including the flat tax and sales tax referrals.

Repeatedly, Senate Democrats on the committee made it clear that these budget bills would take Arizona in the wrong direction. This budget package gives a tax cut to businesses and the wealthiest Arizonans while raising taxes on lower income families and cutting vital services.

In case you missed it this morning, the Republican budget bills started out in the Appropriations committee, but the bills were pulled from that committee when the feed bill failed in committee with four yeas and four nays. The committee recessed in order to regroup after the failure of the bill. During the recess, it became apparent that the bills were not going to make it out of committee with all Democrats and several Republicans voting against the measure.

Instead of negotiating with Democrats, Senate Republicans chose to withdraw the budget bills from the Appropriations committee where Sen. Russell Pearce is the chair and move them to the Education committee where Sen. John Huppenthal is the chair. Senate staffers who have been around for twenty years cannot recall a situation where this action occurred.

The Senate has adjourned for the evening and will pick up tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. to go to Floor. Upon adjournment of floor, we will go to the Rules committee and then Caucus.

We are counting down to a state shutdown. It is now at 25 hours and 15 minutes.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Senate to Hear Budget Bills Monday

Appropriations Committee announced for Monday at 9:30 a.m.
Education Commitee announced for Monday after completion of Appropriations in Senate Hearing Room 109.

Links to the strike everything amendments will be provided as they are made available.

The Education committee will be hearing three bills:

SB 1478 (s/e: flat tax; individual income)
SB 1479 (s/e: statewide special election; sales tax)
SCR 1046 (s/e: temporary transaction privilege tax)

The Appropriations committee will be hearing the rest of the budget bills.

SB1470: (s/e: general appropriations; 2009-2010; trailer)

SB1471: (s/e: budget reconciliation; health; welfare; trailer)

SB1472: (s/e: budget reconciliation; general revenues; trailer)

SB1473: (s/e: budget reconciliation; general government; trailer)

SB1474: (s/e: state properties; trailer)

SB1475: (s/e: budget reconciliation; criminal justice; trailer)

SB1476: (s/e: budget reconciliation; environment; trailer)

SB1477: (s/e: budget reconciliation; higher education; trailer)

SB1480: (s/e: budget reconciliation; K-12 education; trailer)

More Republican Budget Summaries

Budget Plan Summary:
The document that details the line by line budget summary from the Republican budget plan.

BRB List:
The document that details all of the extra policy changes that the Republicans would like to add into the budget. The document details the changes from what was originally in the Republican budget on June 4 to what is currently being heard in the House Appropriations committee.

Here is a link to the live video feed of the House Appropriations committee currently underway.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Budget Bills are Up

Late tonight the budget bills posted to the www.azleg.gov website. If you click on the short title, it will take you to the strike everything amendment that is to be heard in House Approps tomorrow. We expect identical bills in the Senate, but have not received an agenda yet.

The House Appropriations is scheduled to start at 9 a.m. We will post Senate times as they are made available

The Arizona Republic reported that the budget makes approximately $600 million in cuts to state agencies, sweeps about $260 from state funds and $700 million in sale of state assets and state prison lease back. More information tomorrow.


Short Title

Strike Everything Title




technical correction; abandoned vehicles; monies

(Adams: McComish, Tobin)


S/E: general appropriations; 2009-2010; trailer




technical correction; rebate set-aside

(Adams: McComish, Tobin)


S/E: budget reconciliation; general revenues; trailer




technical correction; public roadways

(Adams: McComish, Tobin)


S/E: budget reconciliation; general government; trailer




technical correction; state highways

(Adams, Tobin: McComish)


S/E: state properties; trailer




technical correction; certificate of title

(Adams, Tobin: McComish)


S/E: budget reconciliation; criminal justice; trailer




technical correction; industrial development; insurance

(Adams, Tobin: McComish)


S/E: budget reconciliation; k-12 education; trailer




technical correction; open pit mining

(Adams, Tobin: McComish)


S/E: budget reconciliation; higher education; trailer




technical correction; health services; fees

(Adams, Tobin: McComish)


S/E: budget reconciliation; health; welfare; trailer




technical correction; national guard

(Adams, Tobin: McComish)


S/E: budget reconciliation; environment; trailer




technical correction; notaries public; conduct



S/E: statewide special election; sales tax




technical correction; trust lands; access

(Adams, Murphy, Tobin, et al)


S/E: flat tax; individual income




aircraft license tax; technical correction



S/E: temporary transaction privilege tax

Bills are Moving

The House of Representatives just posted an Appropriations Committee agenda for Saturday at 9 a.m. All 12 bills are strike everything amendments.

Budget News

Senate Republicans just announced in their caucus that an agreement on the budget was decided at 1 a.m. The budget process, according to President Burns, is that there is a four-pronged plan.

1. Pass bills (Done in early June)

2. Trailer bills (Bills to come soon to change some of the details in the budget bills already passed.)

3. Flat tax

4. Referral to a sales tax

The Republicans will now set up briefings with the (Republican?) members on the trailers, flat tax and referral to sales tax and may be pulling people off floor during COW to get that expedited.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Democratic Press Conference on Ethnic Studies

Democratic legislators joined by community leaders held a press conference this morning at the Senate in opposition to SB 1069, a bill to ban ethnic studies in public schools pushed by Superintendent of Schools Tom Horne.

Democratic members are against this ban because students should be able to learn about different cultures in schools. Democrats also stated that they believe that school districts should be the ones making curriculum decisions and not the state.

Sen. Landrum Taylor read off this list of topics she is concerned could be removed from the school curriculum.

- Slavery.
- The exploration and settling of the American West, Southwest and related activities with regard to Native American tribes.
- Women’s suffrage.
- The history of immigrants in the United States prior to 1915.
- Major military conflicts in the history of the United States, including the American Revolution, - The French and Indian War, The War Between The States, The Mexican-American War, World War I, World War II, The Vietnam Conflict, and any military activities in the Middle East.
- The civil rights movement.

Legislators speaking at the press conference were Sen. Leah Landrum Taylor, Sen. Paula Aboud, Sen. Amanda Aguirre, Sen. Albert Hale, Sen. Linda Lopez and Sen. Richard Miranda. Members of the community speaking were Mel Hannah (Urban League), Arjelita Gomez (Chicanos Por La Causa) and two recent graduates of Tucson schools who were part of the Raza Studies program at Tucson Unified School District, Crystal Terriquez and Zach Badilla.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sen. Lopez Statement on HB 2564

“HB 2564 is an attack on every Arizona woman’s moral decision making authority and her basic human rights. HB 2564 assumes that Arizona woman are incapable of making decisions about their reproductive health in conjunction with their physician and their family. It assumes that this legislature knows what is best for a woman who is making one of the most difficult decisions of her life. It puts this legislature squarely between a woman and her physician and between a woman and her family. This legislature has no business in either place.”

HB 2564 changes existing statute regarding parental notification and provides new requirements physicians must follow regarding informed consent. It also allows health professional to refrain from having to facilitate or participate in the provision of emergency contraception, abortion or abortion medication.

HB 2564 was passed in the Senate today and returns to the House of Representatives for a final vote.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sen. Harper Wants to Promote Donkeys?

Update: Sen. Harper withdrew the amendment.

The Arizona Senate is busy at work proposing bans of all kinds in (hopefully) the waning hours of legislative session. Today, we are expecting Sen. Jack Harper to propose an amendment to prohibit the Secretary of State’s office from printing the word “ass.” It seems that Sen. Harper has some concerns with the use of the word unless it is in reference to a donkey or mule.

In a quick search of the registered names with the Secretary of State’s office, we found a number of businesses that would be effected including the use of the word as a descriptor of remarkable quality (i.e. bad, kick or dig) and questionable quality (i.e. stupid and dumb).

Caught up in the mix would be a number of homeowners’ associations who have used an alternatate abbreviation instead of the traditionally used “assn.”

We wonder how many businesses would be willing to adopt a donkey logo. Thank you, Sen. Harper, for your promotion of the symbol of the Democratic Party.

The bill is SB 1091 and it will be heard this afternoon in committee of the whole.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Statement from Senate Democratic Leader Jorge Luis Garcia on Government Shutdown

One might wonder what that looks like or who is affected.

Today’s Arizona Republic offered a stark view of what that might be.

The Republic’s list included:

- The suspension of child and elderly abuse allegations.
- The suspension of services to victims of domestic violence.
- The inability to track public health outbreaks (during a H1N1 “swine flu” outbreak).
- The suspension of newborn screenings.
- The Motor Vehicles Division could not issue driver’s licenses, inspect cars or register vehicles leaving unsafe vehicles on the road.
- All state highway construction would stop.
- All state parks would close.
- Thousands of state workers would not get paid.

It absolutely cannot come to this. Each day the infighting continues, the people of Arizona are put more at risk.

Mr. President, it is past time to transmit the budget bills to the Governor.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Republican Infighting Continues

Statement from Senate Democratic Leader Jorge Luis Garcia

"Instead of working on a budget, Governor Brewer held another press conference today to announce that she had filed in the Supreme Court for a special action against the Legislature in order to obtain the budget bills. Senate Democrats urge the Senate President to turn over the budget bills to the Governor. This infighting needs to end so that the legislature can work on a budget that does not devastate the state and that does not cause government to shutdown."

Here is a video of the Governor's press conference.
Video Part II of reporter's questions to the Governor.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Arizona State Senate Schedule for June 15 through June 19, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

9:00 a.m. Floor

1:30 p.m. Committee on Judiciary
Committee on Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Public Debt

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

8:00 a.m. JCCR
Committee on Government Institutions (upon adjournment of JCCR)
Caucus (upon adjournment of Government)

1:00 p.m. Floor

1:30 p.m. Committee on Appropriations
Committee on Commerce and Economic Development

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

8:30 a.m. Committee on Public Safety and Human Services (note time change)

9:00 a.m. Committee on Healthcare and Medical Liability Reform

1:00 p.m. Floor

1:30 p.m. Committee on Education Accountability and Reform
Committee on Finance
Committee on Veterans and Military Affairs

Thursday, June 18, 2009

8:00 a.m. Committee on Government Institutions (note time change)
9:00 a.m. Committee on Retirement and Rural Development

1:00 p.m. Floor

Friday, June 19, 2009

9:00 a.m. Floor (COW and Third Read)

This schedule is subject to change. Please listen to the floor for committee and floor time announcements. In addition, during various parts of session, COW and Third Read may occur at any floor session. Please watch for floor calendars.]

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Democratic Leadership on Horizon

On Monday, Senate Assistant Democratic Leader Rebecca Rios and House Democratic Leader David Lujan were guests on Horizon speaking about the budget and the legislative session. Here is the link to the video in case you missed it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Arizona State Senate Schedule for June 8 through June 12, 2009

(Updated June 10, 2009)

Monday, June 8, 2009
8:30 a.m. Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Climate Initiatives

1:00 p.m. Floor

1:30 p.m. Committee on Judiciary
Committee on Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Public Debt (not meeting)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009
8:30 a.m. Committee on Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Public Debt

1:00 p.m. Floor

1:30 p.m. Committee on Appropriations
Committee on Commerce and Economic Development

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
8:30 a.m. Committee on Public Safety and Human Services (note time change)

9:00 a.m. Committee on Healthcare and Medical Liability Reform

1:00 p.m. Floor

1:30 p.m. Committee on Education Accountability and Reform
Committee on Finance
Committee on Veterans and Military Affairs

Thursday, June 11, 2009
9:00 a.m. Committee on Retirement and Rural Development

9:30 a.m. Committee on Government Institutions (note time change)

1:00 p.m. Floor
Rules (upon adjournment of floor)
Caucus (upon adjournment of Rules)

Friday, June 12, 2009
9:00 a.m. Floor (COW)

This schedule is subject to change. Please listen to the floor for committee and floor time announcements. In addition, during various parts of session, COW and Third Read may occur at any floor session. Please watch for floor calendars.]

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bill Ban Lifted - Watch for New Committee Agendas

Now that the Senate has passed a package of appropriation bills, the Senate President has determined that the bill ban should be lifted. Starting Monday, the Senate will begin to hear bills and here is what is posted thus far. The links provide any further updates that may occur before the committee hearing.


Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Public Debt
8:30 a.m. SHR 109
SB1147: greenhouse emissions; regulations; fuel economy(Allen S, Gould, Pearce R, et al)
SB1157: department of environmental quality; continuation(Nelson, Allen C, Huppenthal, et al)
SB1180: towing companies; release of vehicles(Nelson)
SB1183: recreational corridor districts; termination date(Burns)
SB1259: aggregate mine reclamation; initiation; extension(Allen S)
SB1260: aggregate mine reclamation law; exemption(Allen S)
SB1273: motorcycle safety fund; council; continuation(Gray L)
SB1289: vehicle accident reports(Nelson)
SB1297: flood control districts; remainder parcels(Nelson)
SB1320: ADOT omnibus(Nelson)

1:30 p.m. SHR 1
SB1011: sex offender registration; study committee(Gray L)
SB1112: sentencing; natural life imprisonment(Paton, Waring)
SB1113: handguns; restaurants; posting(Harper, Pearce R, Gowan, et al) **
SB1123: city elections; nonpartisan primaries; districts(Paton, Antenori, Gowan, et al)
SB1243: justification; defensive display of firearm(Pearce R, Harper, Ash, et al)
SB1280: concealing, harboring or shielding aliens(Paton: Melvin) */**
SB1281: human trafficking; violation.(Paton) */**
SB1282: smuggling; definitions(Paton) */**
* Pending Committee Assignment
** Strike everything amendment may be offered

1:30 p.m. SHR 109
SB1002: elected officials; print; visual media(Waring)
SB1013: AHCCCS; ambulance services(Harper)
SB1023: cities and towns; technical correction(Pearce R) */**
SB1024: consumer fraud; technical correction(Pearce R) */**
SB1038: agency accounts; technical correction(Pearce R) */**
SB1142: public expenditure transparency database(Paton, Allen S, Gorman, et al)
SB1162: GIITEM appropriation; multijurisdictional task force(Pearce R, Harper, Kavanagh, et al)
SB1168: federal monies; report(Pearce R, Gorman, Burges, et al)
SB1169: vehicle impoundment; administrative towing fund(Pearce R: Harper, Verschoor)
SB1255: mine reclamation plans; appropriation(Allen S)
SB1287: appropriations; notice requirements(Gorman)
SB1316: nuclear emergency management; appropriations; assessments(Nelson)
SB1401: juvenile adjudications; probation; disposition(Verschoor) */**
SB1420: DUI; juvenile adjudication(Verschoor: Pearce R) */**
SB1441: public expenditure transparency(Melvin: Antenori)
SB1444: appropriation of federal monies(Melvin, Gowan: Huppenthal, et al)
SB1464: state financial condition; state treasurer(Gorman: Harper)
SCR1006: state appropriation limit; reduction(Pearce R, Gorman, Court, et al) *
SCR1009: voter-protection; temporary budgetary suspension(Pearce R, Harper, Burges, et al) *
SCR1031: discrimination; preferential treatment; prohibition(Pearce R, Gorman: Allen S, et al) *
SCR1038: sovereignty; tenth amendment(Gould) *
* Pending Committee Assignment
** Strike everything amendment may be offered

Veterans and Military Affairs
1:30 p.m. SHR 2
SB1008: adjutant general retirement(Waring)
SB1012: veteran special plates; fees(Harper)
SB1020: enduring freedom memorial; public monies.(Waring)
SB1022: state monuments; repair fund; purpose..(Waring)
SB1176: military family relief fund(Pearce R)
SB1178: homeland security councils; coordinating; advisory(Nelson, Aguirre, Pearce R, et al)
SB1429: Arizona medal of honor(Melvin, Gray C, Antenori, et al) **
SCR1004: technical correction; military personnel(Harper)
American Sovereignty Restoration Act */**
SCR1044: property tax exemption; disabled veterans(Melvin, Antenori, Gowan, et al) **
** Pending Committee Assignment
* Strike everything amendment may be offered

Public Safety and Human Services
8:30 a.m. SHR 3
SB1009: board of fingerprinting; hearings(Gray L)
SB1010: family law rules; conforming statutes(Gray L)
SB1015: dispersing unlawful assembly; peace officers(Gray L)
SB1016: adoption; consent(Gray L: Landrum Taylor)
SB1052: marriage dissolution; disposition of property(Gray L)
SB1063: domestic violence victims; fee exemptions(Waring)
SB1119: restricted driver licenses; DUI(Gray L: Allen S, Harper, et al)
SB1138: partial-birth abortions; definition.(Gray L, Burns, Gorman, et al)
SB1149: child support; notice of lien(Verschoor, Paton, Ableser, et al)
SB1206: dissolution of marriage(Gray L: Gray C, Harper, et al) S/E abortion ***
SB1433: automobile theft authority; membership(Melvin, Huppenthal, Paton, et al) **
SB1448: schools; employee code of conduct(Gray L) S/E healthcare distinctive; guardian decisions **/***

* With permission of the President
** Pending Committee Assignment
*** Strike everything amendment may be offered

Education Accountability and Reform
1:30 p.m. SHR 1
SB1134: commission for postsecondary education; continuation(Huppenthal)
SB1135: teacher student loan program; expansion(Huppenthal)
SB1192: schools; AIMS test; scaled scores(Huppenthal)
SB1194: school districts; alternative operation plan(Huppenthal)
SB1196: education; meetings; technical correction(Huppenthal) */** education omnibus
SB1197: technical correction; dental board powers(Huppenthal) */**
task force; special education; behavior management
SB1370: WICHE student loans; repayment.(Aboud) **
SB1375: parents' rights; education; discipline; health(Gray C, Gorman, Pearce R, et al)
student information; written request */**
SB1386: charter schools; charter renewal period(Huppenthal, Harper: Allen S, et al) **
SB1393: public education; students' religious liberties.(Huppenthal: Gould, Gray L, et al) **
SB1395: common school districts; grade nine(Huppenthal: Gray L, Melvin) **
SB1427: schools; instructional technology; fees; deposit(Rios, McGuire) **
* Strike everything amendment may be offered
** Pending Committee Assignment

1:30 p.m. SHR 3
SB1019: internal revenue code conformity.(Waring) * tax credit; charitable organizations
SB1021: tax refund check-off boxes(Waring)
SB1146: expenditure limitation; penalty waiver; Pima(Allen S: Gray L, Harper)
SB1165: state treasurer; state financial condition(Pearce R)
SB1182: state treasurer; warrant notes(Burns)
SB1271: jail districts; property tax limit(Allen S, Brown, Konopnicki, et al) **
SB1321: income tax; net operating loss(Leff) **
SB1324: corporate income tax rate(Leff, Barto: Harper, et al) **
SB1325: individual health insurance; coverage exemptions(Leff, Barto: Harper) **
SB1361: tax deduction; sewer expenses(Gould) **
SB1373: income tax returns; penalties(Gorman: Gould, Gray L, et al) **
SB1399: GPLET reform(Cheuvront, Miranda: Gray L, et al) **
SB1406: vehicle insurance proof; vehicle registration(Waring) **
SB1417: AHCCCS; payment system; reform(Leff, Allen C) **
SB1421: special districts; secondary levy limits(Waring) **

Retirement and Rural Development
9 a.m. SHR 3
SB1161: PSPRS; reemployment(Pearce R, Kavanagh: Gorman, et al)
SB1191: implements of husbandry; highway travel(Nelson, Allen S, Alvarez, et al)
SB1250: retirement; sick leave payments(Paton)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Senate Passes Republican Budget - Democratic Amendments Offered

The Senate adjourned at 4:07 a.m. after passing the Republican budget on a party line vote. Senate Democrats waited all day long for the Republican Majority to decide whether the Senate would come to the floor (and waiting for them to obtain the 16th vote to pass the budget proposal).

At approximately 11:45 p.m., Senate Democratic Leader Jorge Luis Garcia went to the Senate President and told him that Senate Democrats would be leaving at midnight. A caucus bell did not ring until after midnight. Not all 16 Republican members who would vote yes on the budget were even in the Senate building until after 1 a.m.

At 3 a.m. when the Senate finally came to the floor, Sen. Burton Cahill offered 11 amendments to the Republican budget (out of 29 prepared in the interest of time).

The House is currently in Committee of the Whole hearing the Republican budget proposal.

The Senate will begin hearing bills next week. No agendas are posted yet, but we anticipate the Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Public Debt committee and the Judiciary committee to meet and hear bills on Monday.

The full list of the Senate Democratic Amendments that were prepared for the budget are listed below:

S.B. 1188 -- Feed Bill
Aboud Floor Amendment #4: Restores $931,000 to the Greater Arizona Development Authority in the Department of Commerce for rural communities.

Aboud Floor Amendment #5: Restores $9.2 million for operating for community colleges.

Lopez Floor Amendment: Restores $15,918,700 to support CPS in-home services and out-of-home care

Aboud Floor Amendment #6: Restore $2.1 million to the Department of Economic Security for senior assisted living

Aguirre Floor Amendment: Adds 2% to AHCCCS, DES and DHS Medicaid programs to fund medical inflation costs, and eliminates the proposed 5% rate cut for AHCCCS providers.

Garcia Floor Amendment #1: Sweeps $3 million from the House balance to fund the Commission on Indian Affairs. Reverts the balance to the General Fund.

Aboud Floor Amendment #1: Restores all university auxiliary funds in the total amount of approximately $90 million.

Aboud Floor Amendment #2: Restores $167,600 to the Department of Economic Security for food banks and $425,000 to the Department of Health Services for senior food programs.

Aboud Floor Amendment #3: Restores $2.2 million to DES to restore reduced contracts for domestic violence services.

Rios Floor Amendment #1: Restores general fund and other fund monies to the Attorney General’s Office totaling $10.9 million ($6.6 in general fund and $4.3 in other fund).

Rios Floor Amendment #2: Restores $13.3 million to DES to fund services to the developmentally disabled and the Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP).

Garcia Floor Amendment #2: Requires that one-half of the monies generated by the semi-annual fee of $0.50 per vehicle insured under a motor vehicle liability insurance policy shall be transferred to the newborn screening program fund.

Burton-Cahill Amendment: Restores the lump sum reduction of $1.6 million to the Arizona Commission on the Arts.

Landrum-Taylor Amendment: Restores funding in the amount of $125,000 to the African-American Commission in the Arizona Department of Administration.

Garcia Floor Amendment #3: Reduce $7 million in community college equalization aid from Graham County Community College District, and adds $7 million in funding for the Arizona Early Intervention Program.

S.B. 1036 – Revenue BRB
Garcia Floor Amendment: Strikes language that permanently repeals the state equalization tax.

Cheuvront Floor Amendment: Broaden the base and lower TPT rate to 3.4%

S.B. 1028 – Criminal Justice BRB
Aguirre Floor Amendment: Remove the requirement that ADOA issue RFP’s to privatize the prison complexes at Yuma, Perryville and Eyman.

S.B. 1145 – Health BRB
Landrum-Taylor Amendment: Restore qualification for Kids Care to 200% of the federal poverty level and restore Kids Care Parents.

Cheuvront Floor Amendment: Delete the statutory definition of eligible dependents for the state employee health insurance program.

Rios Floor Amendment: Deletes the statutory definition of “indigent” for the seriously mentally ill.

McCune-Davis Floor Amendment: Removes the provision that creates a state medical false claims civil cause of action.

S.B. 1187 – K-12 BRB
Rios Floor Amendment #1: Total is $218 million for next year – still $40 M left. Soft capital includes technology, textbooks, library resources, instructional aids, pupil transportation vehicles, furniture and equipment.

Rios Floor Amendment #2: Removes union provisions.

S.B. 1029 – Higher Ed BRB
Aboud Floor Amendment: Restores university bonding authority for the SPEED package to current language, allowing a maximum lease-to-own amount of $400 million in FY 2009-2010 and $800 million overall.

S.B. 1035 – Government BRB
Aboud Floor Amendment: Restores the FY 2009-2010 appropriation to the Arizona 21st Century Fund in the amount of $25 million.

Garcia Floor Amendment: Removes language that reserves regulatory authority for the Corporation Commission for items beyond utility rates.

Aguirre Floor Amendment: Remove language that increases PSPRS, CORP and EORP members’ contribution rates, if currently less than 50% of the total contribution rate.

Aboud Floor Amendment: Removes provisions regarding impact fees.