Friday, June 5, 2009

Bill Ban Lifted - Watch for New Committee Agendas

Now that the Senate has passed a package of appropriation bills, the Senate President has determined that the bill ban should be lifted. Starting Monday, the Senate will begin to hear bills and here is what is posted thus far. The links provide any further updates that may occur before the committee hearing.


Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Public Debt
8:30 a.m. SHR 109
SB1147: greenhouse emissions; regulations; fuel economy(Allen S, Gould, Pearce R, et al)
SB1157: department of environmental quality; continuation(Nelson, Allen C, Huppenthal, et al)
SB1180: towing companies; release of vehicles(Nelson)
SB1183: recreational corridor districts; termination date(Burns)
SB1259: aggregate mine reclamation; initiation; extension(Allen S)
SB1260: aggregate mine reclamation law; exemption(Allen S)
SB1273: motorcycle safety fund; council; continuation(Gray L)
SB1289: vehicle accident reports(Nelson)
SB1297: flood control districts; remainder parcels(Nelson)
SB1320: ADOT omnibus(Nelson)

1:30 p.m. SHR 1
SB1011: sex offender registration; study committee(Gray L)
SB1112: sentencing; natural life imprisonment(Paton, Waring)
SB1113: handguns; restaurants; posting(Harper, Pearce R, Gowan, et al) **
SB1123: city elections; nonpartisan primaries; districts(Paton, Antenori, Gowan, et al)
SB1243: justification; defensive display of firearm(Pearce R, Harper, Ash, et al)
SB1280: concealing, harboring or shielding aliens(Paton: Melvin) */**
SB1281: human trafficking; violation.(Paton) */**
SB1282: smuggling; definitions(Paton) */**
* Pending Committee Assignment
** Strike everything amendment may be offered

1:30 p.m. SHR 109
SB1002: elected officials; print; visual media(Waring)
SB1013: AHCCCS; ambulance services(Harper)
SB1023: cities and towns; technical correction(Pearce R) */**
SB1024: consumer fraud; technical correction(Pearce R) */**
SB1038: agency accounts; technical correction(Pearce R) */**
SB1142: public expenditure transparency database(Paton, Allen S, Gorman, et al)
SB1162: GIITEM appropriation; multijurisdictional task force(Pearce R, Harper, Kavanagh, et al)
SB1168: federal monies; report(Pearce R, Gorman, Burges, et al)
SB1169: vehicle impoundment; administrative towing fund(Pearce R: Harper, Verschoor)
SB1255: mine reclamation plans; appropriation(Allen S)
SB1287: appropriations; notice requirements(Gorman)
SB1316: nuclear emergency management; appropriations; assessments(Nelson)
SB1401: juvenile adjudications; probation; disposition(Verschoor) */**
SB1420: DUI; juvenile adjudication(Verschoor: Pearce R) */**
SB1441: public expenditure transparency(Melvin: Antenori)
SB1444: appropriation of federal monies(Melvin, Gowan: Huppenthal, et al)
SB1464: state financial condition; state treasurer(Gorman: Harper)
SCR1006: state appropriation limit; reduction(Pearce R, Gorman, Court, et al) *
SCR1009: voter-protection; temporary budgetary suspension(Pearce R, Harper, Burges, et al) *
SCR1031: discrimination; preferential treatment; prohibition(Pearce R, Gorman: Allen S, et al) *
SCR1038: sovereignty; tenth amendment(Gould) *
* Pending Committee Assignment
** Strike everything amendment may be offered

Veterans and Military Affairs
1:30 p.m. SHR 2
SB1008: adjutant general retirement(Waring)
SB1012: veteran special plates; fees(Harper)
SB1020: enduring freedom memorial; public monies.(Waring)
SB1022: state monuments; repair fund; purpose..(Waring)
SB1176: military family relief fund(Pearce R)
SB1178: homeland security councils; coordinating; advisory(Nelson, Aguirre, Pearce R, et al)
SB1429: Arizona medal of honor(Melvin, Gray C, Antenori, et al) **
SCR1004: technical correction; military personnel(Harper)
American Sovereignty Restoration Act */**
SCR1044: property tax exemption; disabled veterans(Melvin, Antenori, Gowan, et al) **
** Pending Committee Assignment
* Strike everything amendment may be offered

Public Safety and Human Services
8:30 a.m. SHR 3
SB1009: board of fingerprinting; hearings(Gray L)
SB1010: family law rules; conforming statutes(Gray L)
SB1015: dispersing unlawful assembly; peace officers(Gray L)
SB1016: adoption; consent(Gray L: Landrum Taylor)
SB1052: marriage dissolution; disposition of property(Gray L)
SB1063: domestic violence victims; fee exemptions(Waring)
SB1119: restricted driver licenses; DUI(Gray L: Allen S, Harper, et al)
SB1138: partial-birth abortions; definition.(Gray L, Burns, Gorman, et al)
SB1149: child support; notice of lien(Verschoor, Paton, Ableser, et al)
SB1206: dissolution of marriage(Gray L: Gray C, Harper, et al) S/E abortion ***
SB1433: automobile theft authority; membership(Melvin, Huppenthal, Paton, et al) **
SB1448: schools; employee code of conduct(Gray L) S/E healthcare distinctive; guardian decisions **/***

* With permission of the President
** Pending Committee Assignment
*** Strike everything amendment may be offered

Education Accountability and Reform
1:30 p.m. SHR 1
SB1134: commission for postsecondary education; continuation(Huppenthal)
SB1135: teacher student loan program; expansion(Huppenthal)
SB1192: schools; AIMS test; scaled scores(Huppenthal)
SB1194: school districts; alternative operation plan(Huppenthal)
SB1196: education; meetings; technical correction(Huppenthal) */** education omnibus
SB1197: technical correction; dental board powers(Huppenthal) */**
task force; special education; behavior management
SB1370: WICHE student loans; repayment.(Aboud) **
SB1375: parents' rights; education; discipline; health(Gray C, Gorman, Pearce R, et al)
student information; written request */**
SB1386: charter schools; charter renewal period(Huppenthal, Harper: Allen S, et al) **
SB1393: public education; students' religious liberties.(Huppenthal: Gould, Gray L, et al) **
SB1395: common school districts; grade nine(Huppenthal: Gray L, Melvin) **
SB1427: schools; instructional technology; fees; deposit(Rios, McGuire) **
* Strike everything amendment may be offered
** Pending Committee Assignment

1:30 p.m. SHR 3
SB1019: internal revenue code conformity.(Waring) * tax credit; charitable organizations
SB1021: tax refund check-off boxes(Waring)
SB1146: expenditure limitation; penalty waiver; Pima(Allen S: Gray L, Harper)
SB1165: state treasurer; state financial condition(Pearce R)
SB1182: state treasurer; warrant notes(Burns)
SB1271: jail districts; property tax limit(Allen S, Brown, Konopnicki, et al) **
SB1321: income tax; net operating loss(Leff) **
SB1324: corporate income tax rate(Leff, Barto: Harper, et al) **
SB1325: individual health insurance; coverage exemptions(Leff, Barto: Harper) **
SB1361: tax deduction; sewer expenses(Gould) **
SB1373: income tax returns; penalties(Gorman: Gould, Gray L, et al) **
SB1399: GPLET reform(Cheuvront, Miranda: Gray L, et al) **
SB1406: vehicle insurance proof; vehicle registration(Waring) **
SB1417: AHCCCS; payment system; reform(Leff, Allen C) **
SB1421: special districts; secondary levy limits(Waring) **

Retirement and Rural Development
9 a.m. SHR 3
SB1161: PSPRS; reemployment(Pearce R, Kavanagh: Gorman, et al)
SB1191: implements of husbandry; highway travel(Nelson, Allen S, Alvarez, et al)
SB1250: retirement; sick leave payments(Paton)

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