Friday, June 19, 2009

Sen. Harper Wants to Promote Donkeys?

Update: Sen. Harper withdrew the amendment.

The Arizona Senate is busy at work proposing bans of all kinds in (hopefully) the waning hours of legislative session. Today, we are expecting Sen. Jack Harper to propose an amendment to prohibit the Secretary of State’s office from printing the word “ass.” It seems that Sen. Harper has some concerns with the use of the word unless it is in reference to a donkey or mule.

In a quick search of the registered names with the Secretary of State’s office, we found a number of businesses that would be effected including the use of the word as a descriptor of remarkable quality (i.e. bad, kick or dig) and questionable quality (i.e. stupid and dumb).

Caught up in the mix would be a number of homeowners’ associations who have used an alternatate abbreviation instead of the traditionally used “assn.”

We wonder how many businesses would be willing to adopt a donkey logo. Thank you, Sen. Harper, for your promotion of the symbol of the Democratic Party.

The bill is SB 1091 and it will be heard this afternoon in committee of the whole.

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