Monday, November 23, 2009

Statement from Senate Democrats

Today, Senate Republicans voted to pass $300 million in cuts to education and social services and are now rushing to sign the cuts into law as the ink is still drying on the final copies of the bills.

Just a few months ago, Gov. Brewer vowed not to decimate education or services to the state’s most vulnerable. Yet, less than one hour after the end of the Fourth Special Session, Gov. Brewer will break that promise and continue to cement Arizona’s place as the worst state in the country for education funding and children’s services.

Resolving this financial crisis on the backs of children and the poor is not the way to solve our problems. The Republicans continue to refuse to put partisanship aside and work toward a solution that is best for the state. We need to work together to find a comprehensive solution that helps all of Arizona. For over a year now, Democrats have offered a number of complete budgets and revenue options that will solve our fiscal crisis. Yet those solutions continue to fall on deaf, ideologically driven ears.

SB 1001 and SB 1002 passed with only Republican votes and were signed by Gov. Brewer tonight. The bills cut $144 million from K-12 education for textbooks and classroom materials. The bills also cut $155 million from the Department of Economic Services, including services to developmentally disabled children and adults.

We continue to invite our Republican colleagues to negotiate with us a budget solution that benefits all Arizonans.


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