Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Statement on Tax Referral Committee Vote

STATE CAPITOL, Phoenix – Today, Sen. Albert Hale and Sen. Leah Landrum Taylor joined with four Republicans on the Senate Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Public Debt committee to vote for a sales tax referral to the ballot.

“We are looking for solutions to this difficult state deficit we are facing and I believe it is up to the voters to decide whether raising taxes is the path they would like to take,” said Sen. Albert Hale.

“Arizonans in my district are asking for more revenue to help address this situation," said Sen. Leah Landrum Taylor. “Voting for the referral will send this option to my district so that voters can make that choice.”

The ballot referral calls for a statewide special election on May 18, 2010, for voters to decide on a three-year temporary raise in the Transaction Privilege Tax and Use Tax. The referral stipulates that the net revenues will be devoted two-third to public primary and secondary education and one-third for health and human services and public safety purposes.

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