Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Democrats vote against dangerous Republican budget in Senate Appropriations Committee

STATE CAPITOL, Phoenix – Today, Senate Democrats voted against the dangerous Republican budget heard today in the Senate Appropriations committee.

“Today, this is a sad day for the state of Arizona after hearing all of the people who have come to the Senate to testify. This budget makes cuts to working families and the future of Arizona. We are turning our ears away from their pleas,” said Aguirre. “This budget contains extreme healthcare and public safety cuts and shifts enormous costs to counties. We are shortchanging our future by eliminating programs that help create a viable workforce. I cannot vote for this budget.”

“Throughout the day we consistently heard from members of the community that this budget will make an enormous impact on Arizonans,” said Aboud. “This budget will cost the state hundreds of thousands of jobs and add years to the economic recovery in Arizona. While other states are coming out of the recession, this budget proposal will cause us to sink deeper into a recession. We’ve balanced this budget sheet, but we are also devastating our state. This is a sad day for Arizonans.”

Among the many devastating cuts, the Republican budget cuts 310,000 people from AHCCCS, the state’s Medicaid program, 47,000 children from KidsCare, eliminates funding for all-day Kindergarten, cuts state employee pay and closes the Department of Juvenile Corrections.

SB 1001, the main budget bill, passed committee 6-2 with all of Republicans voting yes and Democrats voting no.

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