Friday, October 28, 2011

House Minority Leader Chad Campbell
Senate Minority Leader David Schapira

Oct. 28, 2011

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Tea Party extremists hit new low in attack on IRC citizen volunteers

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – In yet another day of sad and whiny attempts to keep Arizona under Tea Party rule, extremists drunk with power hit a new low today by enlisting the help of their own legislative staff.

A taxpayer-funded partisan staffer testified in the Senate Committee on Redistricting and spread baseless speculation about the Independent Redistricting Commission maps.

“These partisan extremists have launched a full-scale attack on citizen volunteers who are trying to build a fair and competitive Arizona,” said House Minority Leader Chad Campbell. “It is unbelievable the lengths to which they will go because they are afraid of competitive districts that more accurately represent Arizona.”

The staffer testified and made baseless comments that singled out members of certain districts in Arizona implying the maps were drawn specifically for them. This is the latest in a string of blatant attacks from Tea Party elected officials like Gov. Jan Brewer and Congressional and legislative Tea Party lawmakers against the IRC. Just hours before the committee hearing, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge disqualified Tea Party Attorney General Tom Horne from moving forward with his bogus investigation on the IRC due to conflict of interest.

“The fact that they had to use one of their taxpayer-funded staffers to come up with slanderous testimony they've been looking for shows just what a partisan witch hunt this committee has been," said Senate Minority Leader David Schapira. "I'm sick and tired of their attempts to undermine the will of Arizona voters."

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Response to Governor Brewer’s letter to IRC members


Arizona State Legislature
1700 W Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Senator David Schapira, D-17, Senate Minority Leader
Representative Chad Campbell, D-14, House Minority Leader

October 26, 2011

Statements from
Senate Minority Leader
David Schapira
and House Minority Leader
Chad Campbell

Response to Governor Brewer’s letter to IRC members

State Capitol, Phoenix - Senate Minority Leader David Schapira and House Minority Leader Chad Campbell released the following statements today in response to Governor Jan Brewer’s allegations of misconduct on the part of Arizona’s Independent Redistricting Commission.

Senate Minority Leader David Schapira:
“This is another instance in the ongoing and orchestrated campaign by Republicans to threaten and intimidate the Independent Redistricting Commission and undermine the will of Arizona voters,” said Schapira.

“The Attorney General, the Republican Legislature and now the Governor are abusing their public offices for partisan gain. The voters told them to butt out, but they won’t take no for an answer.”

House Minority Leader Chad Campbell:
"Like all Arizonans I am sick of the partisan politics and gridlock hurting our state, and now Republicans have begun to launch attacks on voters by trying to sabotage an independent redistricting process with their partisan politics. The entire point of having an independent redistricting commission is to keep politicians' hands out of a fair process for voters in Arizona. But today, and just about weekly, we have seen Republicans sticking their hands where they don't belong," said Campbell.

"Arizona voters don't need to be told what to do by politicians - it should be the other way around - and it is time for fair, competitive districts so we can move forward with a government that works for the people and brings jobs and a stronger economy to Arizona."

Friday, October 21, 2011


Senator David Schapira, D-17, Senate Minority Leader
Representative Chad Campbell, D-14, House Minority Leader
Representative Lynne Pancrazi, D-24
Senator Robert Meza, D-14

October 21, 2011

Republicans work hard to protect jobs: Their own

State Capitol, Phoenix – Democrats in the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives released the following joint statement today on Republicans’ continued attempt to hijack the redistricting process:

Representative Lynne Pancrazi and Senator Robert Meza will not be serving on the Joint Legislative Committee on Redistricting because they believe it is inappropriate to lend the credibility of their participation to a committee whose purpose appears only to be political in nature.

Democrats were never informed about this committee. In fact, President Pearce and Speaker Tobin appointed Sen. Meza and Rep. Pancrazi without consultation from Democratic Leadership, a complete violation of protocol.

House Minority Leader Chad Campbell:
“It’s been made abundantly clear here today that this committee is just another partisan game Republicans are playing because they are afraid of well-represented, competitive districts.”

Rep. Lynne Pancrazi:
“Just like all Arizonans, I’m sick and tired of the partisan games where only voters lose. I’m tired of the failures, and I’m tired of getting no results. These lawmakers have hijacked the very process that puts the power in independent hands.

“Last night I went to the redistricting hearing in Maryvale, and tonight I am going to the redistricting hearing in Globe to stand shoulder to shoulder with Arizona voters and express my concerns in the way voters intended this process to succeed.”

Senate Minority Leader David Schapira:
“Instead of working together to find new and practical solutions for out-of-work Arizonans, Republicans are only working to protect their own jobs - and they should be ashamed of themselves.”


Monday, October 17, 2011

Bachmann visit highlights Congress’ failure to act on immigration reform

October 17, 2011

State Capitol, Phoenix - Today, Republican Presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann is meeting with Republicans of the Arizona Legislature about illegal immigration at the state Capitol.

"Congress has failed to act on real immigration reform for decades," said Senate Minority Leader David Schapira. “Instead of meeting with Arizona Republican legislators as part of her presidential campaign, perhaps Bachmann should go back to Congress and actually do something about it.”

As immigration across our international borders is a federal responsibility, many of the immigration policies produced in Arizona fail to pass the constitutional test - in addition to being ineffective and counter-productive.

It is not surprising that Bachmann is finding a receptive audience at the Arizona Capitol, given the out-of-touch policies of the Republicans at the Legislature, such as:
  • Creating a Tea Party license plate (SB1402)
  • Proposing a "birther bill" (HB2177)
  • Selling the state Capitol to big banks
  • Naming an official state gun (SB1610)
  • Proposing unconstitutional birth-right citizenship bills (SB1308, SB1309)
  • Allowing guns on college campuses (SB1467)
  • Forming a state militia (SB1495)
  • Giving away $538 million in tax cuts to big business with no guarantee of job creation (HB2001)
  • Denying unemployment insurance to struggling Arizonans - keeping $3 million a week out of the Arizona economy (AZ Republic, 6/13/11)
  • Kicking 280,000 men, women and children off of AHCCCS - blocking more than $1 billion from entering Arizona's struggling economy (SB1001)
"It's only fitting that an out-of-touch presidential candidate would seek the counsel of these out-of-touch Republican legislators. While Democrats fight to protect hard-working Arizonans and their families, these legislators continue to arrogantly push their agenda on behalf of special interests," said Schapira.