Friday, January 13, 2012

Governor’s budget short-sighted

Ignores struggling middle-class Arizona families, looming fiscal pitfall

Senator David Schapira, D-17, Senate Minority Leader
Representative Chad Campbell, D-14, House Minority Leader

January 13, 2012

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX - Senate Minority Leader David Schapira and House Minority Leader Chad Campbell released the following statement today in response to Governor Brewer’s proposed budget that still has no plan and long-term vision for the future of Arizona.

Senate Democratic Leader David Schapira:

Sen. David Schapira

“For the past few years, middle class Arizonans have not only suffered through hard times, but they’ve endured leadership at the state capitol focused only on serving their extreme agenda. It’s time to put differences aside and find common sense solutions to the real problems facing our state. I’m happy to work with Governor Brewer on some initiatives in this budget, like funding K-3 early reading intervention and investing in building renewal to create jobs and repair our kids’ crumbling schools, which we’ve called for repeatedly. However, these are just a few small steps in the right direction,” said Schapira. “Her budget doesn’t adequately address the fiscal pitfalls we’ll be facing when her handouts to big corporations kick in and the one-cent sales tax ends. I can’t understand how the Governor could propose using surplus taxpayer dollars to buy back her office building and build more private prisons instead of a stronger focus on job creation and restoring the devastating cuts she’s made to our kids’ schools. By presenting this short-sighted budget, the Governor has clearly demonstrated that she has no idea how much Arizonans are struggling right now. This looks to me like someone concerned with trying to avoid being remembered as the governor who sold the Capitol, not someone interested in real solutions to protect Arizona’s future."

House Democratic Leader Chad Campbell:

Rep. Chad Campbell

“Like all Arizonans, we’re sick of partisan bickering at the capitol, and instead of fighting each other on the budget, let’s work to get things done,” said House Minority Leader Chad Campbell. “There is common ground between us on funding for tourism, law enforcement and the seriously mentally ill. But this budget also unnecessarily spends money early to buy back the state capitol buildings when we could fund Kids Care, and it gives even more money to lax-security private prisons, from which murderers have escaped. The budget plan also should hold companies that receive tax credits accountable for creating jobs they promised, reform our unfair tax code or first award companies state and local government contracts so we can create jobs, but it does not. We hope The Tea Party, including Gov. Brewer, lets go of their rigid, extremist ideologies and work toward practical results for this year’s budget. We encourage the governor to work with us for the first time during her tenure to achieve bipartisan and practical results for Arizonans."

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