Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tea Party Senate rolls out red carpet for reputed racist and anti-Semite

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – This morning Tea Party Senator Sylvia Allen invited reputed racist and anti-Semite Glenn Spencer to present to the Senate Border Security, Federalism and States’ Sovereignty Committee, of which she is chair. Senator Allen is President Pro-Tem of the Senate.

Glenn Spencer is the founder of the American Border Patrol. The Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defamation League and numerous news sources have reported extensively on his racist and anti-Semitic activities.

After Senator Allen expressed her strong support for Spencer and refused to cancel his presentation, committee members Senator Steve Gallardo and Senator Robert Meza registered their objections and left the committee meeting in protest before Spencer’s presentation.

Sen. Steve Gallardo, Senate Border Security, Federalism and States’ Sovereignty Committee Member:
“It’s truly disgusting that Senate Tea Party leaders have such disrespect for Hispanics, Jews, and other Americans. I might have expected this from former Senate President Russell Pearce, but not current President Steve Pierce,” said Sen. Gallardo.

Sen. Robert Meza, Senate Border Security, Federalism and States’ Sovereignty Committee Member:
“It’s inappropriate behavior on the part of Senator Allen and we, the diverse people of Arizona, should not enable hate-mongers to be the voice of our state,” said Sen. Meza.

Senate Democratic Leader David Schapira:
“I think it’s outrageous that the Senate Tea Party Leadership have welcomed to the people’s Capitol someone notorious for spreading intolerance and hate,” said Sen. Schapira. “Senator Allen could have chosen anyone to present to her committee, but she selected and defended Glenn Spencer. She should be standing against his narrow-minded view of the world, not supporting it.”

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