Monday, April 1, 2013

Tea Party Republicans work hard to protect guns, not people

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Today, the Arizona Senate passed HB 2455 to prohibit law enforcement agencies from destroying a firearm and requiring the agencies to sell unclaimed firearms in its possession. This bill comes after a law by Republicans last year that sets the same requirement for any firearm associated with felony crimes – even murder. Floor discussion on this bill and amendments proposed by Democratic senators was cut off prematurely by Republicans.

Assistant Senate Democratic Leader Linda Lopez, D-2:

“Our state and our nation have witnessed horrific gun violence over the past few years, prompting a national discussion on gun safety and anti-violence legislation. But here in Arizona, the response of Tea Party Republicans has been to require that there be as many guns on the streets as possible and shutting down any legislation aimed at increasing safety in our communities or helping the mentally ill,” said Sen. Lopez.

“This bill bans forfeited guns from being destroyed, even if a gun owner voluntarily turns in a weapon as part of a buyback program. Tea Party Republicans at the Legislature appear to be more concerned with the lifespan of guns than the lifespan of Arizonans.”

Democratic Leader Leah Landrum Taylor, D-27:

“The amendments to HB 2455 brought by Democratic senators addressed the many problems related to gun violence, including protecting domestic violence victims,” said Sen. Landrum Taylor.

“By shutting down discussion on these issues, Senate Republicans brought the motion to the floor broke our chamber’s rules of decorum and showed disdain for issues that are important to Arizona families. This was a disservice to both the victims of gun violence and to the people of Arizona who elect us to represent them at the Legislature.”

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