Thursday, November 21, 2013

The safety of Arizona’s children is the first priority

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX Senate Democratic Leader Anna Tovar and Senator Katie Hobbs released the following statements today following the revelation that Child Protective Services failed to investigate 6,000 reports of abuse.

Senate Democratic Leader Anna Tovar:
Sen. Tovar

"We appreciate Governor Brewer's call to investigate how and why 6,000 reports of child abuse went uninvestigated by CPS," said Senate Democratic Leader Anna Tovar. "For the sake of Arizona's children we need to thoroughly investigate these reports and we need to do it quickly. Our children are our first priority."

Senator Katie Hobbs:
Sen. Hobbs

"It is essential that we find answers to what happened with these 6,000 reports," said Sen. Katie Hobbs. "But even then, there is more to be done. To ensure the safety of our children we must be serious about finding solutions for all the problems facing CPS."

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