Thursday, November 20, 2014

Congress must act to finish immigration reform

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Senator Steve Gallardo released the following statement in response to tonight’s executive action on immigration: 
"It's been over 500 days since U.S. Senators McCain and Flake passed their bipartisan immigration reform bill out of the Senate, but House Republicans have refused to move it forward. Enough is enough," said Senator Gallardo.
"The national crisis of our failed immigration system needs to be resolved and the President's action today is a good beginning that will help keep families together. But it doesn't get Congress off the hook. They must enact meaningful immigration reform that will benefit our community, our economy and our security. And they must do it now."

Executive Action is important first step toward true comprehensive immigration reform

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Senate Democratic Leader Katie Hobbs and Whip Martin J. Quezada released the following statements on today’s executive action on immigration reform by President Obama:

Senate Democratic Leader Katie Hobbs:
"For far too long Congress has shown it is unwilling to address our broken immigration system, which is why President Obama took the action he did today. More than 18 months ago Arizona's own U.S. senators saw their bipartisan immigration bill pass the Senate only to sit in the House without action. The American people are beyond frustrated that Congress has refused to do their job," said Senator Hobbs.

"This executive action will help keep families together and allow those living in the shadows to come forward, register with the government and become taxpaying members of our communities. No longer will children who are U.S. citizens have to worry that their hard-working parents could be taken away from them. If you have deep ties here and want to contribute to the economic success of our state, you no longer have to hide.

"Executive action should not replace legislation. It is legal, but it certainly isn't preferable. This is an important step toward finally realizing true comprehensive immigration reform, but Congress needs to finish the job."

Senate Democratic Whip Martin J. Quezada:
"By forcing hard-working undocumented immigrants to live in the shadows, our nation and our state have been losing out on billions of dollars in economic benefit," said Senator-elect Quezada.

"When undocumented workers become documented, they are no longer prey for employers who undercut wages and working conditions. If they earn more and pay more taxes, they create greater demand for goods and services as well as potentially higher profits for businesses. The economic benefits of today's executive action cannot be understated, yet those benefits would be much greater with true legislative reform by Congress."

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Senate Democrats elect new leadership

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIXNew and returning members of the Senate Democratic Caucus have elected Senator Katie Hobbs as leader, Senator Steve Farley as assistant leader and Senators-elect Lupe Contreras and Martin J. Quezada as co-whips. The Caucus also selected Senator David Bradley to serve as leader pro-tem and Senator Barbara McGuire to continue her role as rural liaison.

“Our caucus is strong, united and ready to make the voices of our constituents heard on the issues that are important to them. We will bring forward good ideas with the right priorities to help set Arizona on the path to recovery and success,” said Sen. Hobbs.

“During this coming session the Legislature will have many difficult decisions to make on issues that will affect our state for years to come. We look forward to working with the majority to find real solutions that protect our children, their schools, the economy and our future.”