Wednesday, September 9, 2015

We cannot allow SB1070 to serve as an excuse to racially profile

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – In light of Judge Susan Bolton's ruling to upholdsection 2(b) of SB1070, Senator Catherine Miranda, chair of the Arizona Legislative Latino Caucus, is preparing a bill to ensure that section will not be used to racially profile Arizona citizens and visitors.

Sen. Miranda
"Racial profiling is unconstitutional, pure and simple. It violates the public trust in law enforcement and erodes our sense of community and safety," said Senator Miranda.

"With Judge Bolton’s ruling upholding the section 2(b) of SB1070, most commonly known as the “papers please” provision, I am meeting with stakeholders to introduce legislation to ensure this section of the law will not be used to target any ethnic group based on their skin color, but implemented fairly and without regard to a person’s race.

"While this ugly law still hangs like a dark cloud over our state's reputation, I will do everything in my power to make sure it doesn't hang over the heads of hard working Arizonans and the visitors who are so crucial to our economy."

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