Monday, November 23, 2015

Begay announcement is no surprise

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX Senate Democratic Leader Katie Hobbs released the following statement on Senator Begay’s belated announcement that he is a Republican:

“Senator Begay’s decision to change his party affiliation comes as no surprise. We knew from the time of his appointment to fill former Senator Jackson’s seat in 2013 that he was hand-picked by Republicans who have no problem disenfranchising an entire legislative district to serve their own agenda,” said Senator Hobbs.

“Next year the voters of Legislative District 7 will have a chance to choose a Senator who will truly represents their values.”

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Executive orders on immigration are necessary, not ‘lawlessness’

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Senator Catherine Miranda, chair of the Arizona Legislative Latino Caucus, released the following statement on Friday’s ruling by the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals that blocked a series of President Obama’s executive orders on immigration.

Sen. Miranda
“I am deeply saddened after hearing the news regarding the negative 2-1 decision made by the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals regarding President Obama’s DAPA plan, which protected roughly one third of all undocumented immigrants in the United States by giving them lawful presence and authorization to work in the country,” said Senator Miranda.

“To state that this Republican-led 26 state charge against puts a halt to DAPA based on the ‘President’s lawlessness’ like the Texas Attorney General did is ludicrous. When the partisan nature of the U.S. political system leads to attrition, a leader must make a timely decision for the sake of four million human beings living in the United States. It is not lawlessness, it is simply needed action for the prosperity of many whose lives still remain in an unfortunate limbo.

“A blow to like this one is surely disheartening but not lethal, especially to myself and many other state and federal legislators who have worked tirelessly to support our immigrant constituents. I will continue with reinvigorated passion to fight for the cause.

“The untimely decision of the court may lead to the case being settled after President Obama’s term expires. This means that now more than ever, the Hispanic and Latino vote will be paramount in deciding the future of these four million immigrants. I urge you to get out and vote; vote for a president that will support and aid in our fight for immigrant’s rights!”

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Rep. Sherwood appointed to LD26 seat

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX Senate Democratic Leader Katie Hobbs released the following statement on the appointment of Representative Andrew Sherwood to the open LD26 seat left vacant after the resignation of former Senator Ed Ableser:

Sen. Hobbs
“Representative Sherwood is a dedicated legislator who represents his community with passion and energy,” said Senator Hobbs. “We look forward to having Mr. Sherwood join our team and working with him to fight for his district’s priorities and moving all of Arizona forward.”