Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Statement on falsehoods surrounding the fate of Senate Bill 1394

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIXSenate Democratic Leader David Bradley released the following statement on claims being made around the stalling of Senate Bill 1394 in the House:

Sen. Bradley
"While it may be vogue currently to repeat a lie often enough that it will become true, that is not going to work regarding what Democrats think of charter schools. Democrats have embraced charter schools and fully support the notion that they are the best choice for delivering educational services to the thousands of Arizona children who attend them.

"We have consistently asked for the same thing that is expected of any entity that utilizes public dollars: be accountable, be transparent and demonstrate that all your decisions are in the best interest of the children that charter schools serve.

"Some of our Republican colleagues insist on repeating the lie that Democrats oppose charter schools, presumably in the hope that the issues of accountability and transparency can be dismissed as partisan gamesmanship. This is not and never will be true."

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