How to play a part in your state legislature

The Arizona Legislature is your voice at the capitol, through those who have been elected to represent you and your district. But they can't represent your interests if you don't tell them what those are.

Here's how you can engage in the legislative process - in person, from home and on the web!

Find and contact your legislators:
(Note: You'll need to allow pop-ups for these sites to work)

Read, track and comment on legislative bills:
We have a new system to track bills and submit your comments. It's free but you must create an account for access. NOTE: To be able to comment on bills you must register in person at kiosks located in the Senate or House lobbies or at our Tucson office located at 400 West Congress St., Suite 201.

Watch live or archived committee meetings and floor testimony on bills:

Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on what's happening at the Legislature:


  1. Thanks for these practical tools for being active.

  2. I completely support Senator Hobbs' statement to Andy Biggs regarding restoring KidsCare. There's no logical or moral reason that it shouldn't move forward.


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