Tuesday, January 13, 2009

AZsenatedemocrats.com: A Democratic View of the Arizona Legislature

Welcome to AZsenatedemocrats.com, the official blog of the Arizona Senate Democratic Caucus. We hope to be able to use this tool to communicate with our constituents around the state in a more efficient and direct manner than ever before.

Throughout the 2009 Legislative session and beyond, we will chronicle our efforts to make good on the promise of an Arizona that has something to offer everyone who lives here. We will highlight our efforts and accomplishments on a number of key issues, as well as keep you informed about what is happening at the legislature with proposed changes that will impact you and your family.

In addition, we will also be making available any press releases and other media that the caucus produces, and chronicling when our members gain exposure in local, state or national media. Who knows, check back often enough, and you might even get a little slice of life at the legislature every once in awhile.

If you'd like to receive periodic updates on issues of extreme importance to Democrats, please provide us your email address with the form in the righthand column, and we'd be happy to keep you informed. We hope you will join us often, or if efficiency is more your thing, go ahead and subscribe to our post feed, and we'd be happy to come to you.

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