Friday, April 3, 2009

Draft Republican Budget Proposal

Here is the Senate Republican budget that the media reported on this week. The budget document is a large PDF file and will take a minute to download.

Senate Draft (19 pages)

You will note that this draft does not completely address the shortfall. Instead, Republicans decided to compile a list of the ideas to address the shortfall, which they say came from legislators, advocacy groups and the public.

Here are some items directly from the list compiled by Republicans:

- Cities - take anything we can
- Shift Parks to cities and counties
- Move prisons to Mexico
- Scrap All Day K
- Uncover K-12 teachers temporarily so districts can hire/fire who they want
- Suspend mandated bus service to transport students
- Reduce Medicaid: Cap the number of visits for routine care
- Privatize Mental Hospital
- Eliminate Homeland Security
- Count entire household income for benefits>run MVD/tax reporting/voter reg address against welfare roles to determine household income and catch live-in fathers who are not married to mothers

Click here to see the whole list.

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