Monday, April 27, 2009

Republican Joint Draft Budget Proposal Part 2

Here is the whole 30 page budget document the Republicans released on Monday. The previous post is just the front page. 

For FY 2010, the budget proposal's main points are $989 million in federal stimulus dollars, $670 million in agency cuts, $394 in fund transfers, $300 million in sweeps from school districts and $210 from municipal impact fees. For FY 2009, the budget proposal includes using $497 million in federal stimulus dollars. 

Current estimates are that nearly $600 million of the cuts are to K-12 education. 

Tomorrow's Senate Appropriations hearing that was scheduled to hear the budget bills has been cancelled in lieu of a Joint Appropriations hearing tomorrow afternoon to discuss municipal impact fees. Here is one report from the East Valley Tribune filed tonight regarding the budget and impact fees. 

More tomorrow. 

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