Thursday, May 7, 2009

Governor Brewer FLIP-FLOPS on Protecting Education and other Vital Services

In early March, Governor Jan Brewer seemed to stand up for children against the Republican Legislative Leadership’s proposed cuts to education and children’s services.

"We cannot place all of the burden on our children and their schools. We cannot place all of the burden on the parents that need day care so they can go to work and stay off welfare. We cannot leave the sick on the streets alone to fend for themselves only to overload our hospitals and our jails." [Source: Arizona Daily Star, March 6, 2009]
That was two months ago. Here is what she is saying now.

"I think we're going to have to do more cutting," she said. And Brewer said she is now fully engaged in negotiations with Senate President Bob Burns and House Speaker Kirk Adams, both adamant foes of any tax hike. [Source: East Valley Tribune, May 7, 2009]
How much more cutting does she want? We have several yardsticks to measure what Republican cuts to the budget might look like for Fiscal Year 2010.

*The House Republican budget proposal voted out of the House Appropriations committee on May 5 contained over $649 million in cuts.
*The Republican Joint Draft Budget Proposal released April 27 contained over $670 million in cuts.
*The Senate Republican budget proposal released April 3 contained over $842 million in cuts.
*The Republican Chairmen’s Options released January 16 contained over $2.2 billion in cuts ($891 million in K-12 cuts alone).
None of these proposals help the people of Arizona or move Arizona forward. Rather, these cuts harm our children and do nothing to protect our state’s most vulnerable populations.

If this were not enough, check out what the cuts would do to children’s services according to the cuts in the April 27 Republican joint draft budget proposal.

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