Thursday, July 2, 2009


Governor Brewer came to the Senate today and had press availability. This is a transcript of part of the briefing. It is perplexing at best.

Brewer: I haven’t talked to the Minority leadership. I don’t know exactly where they are at or what they want to do so to say that they want to have five-way talks when they haven’t agreed to it yet to me personally.

Reporter: They say they’ve been urging this for months.

Brewer: I don’t know if that is entirely correct. I think that they did in the last hours of this legislative session…they probably have. But you know, I have always said and I’ve always been public about the fact that it’s not a Republican problem, it’s not a Democrat problem. That we needed to work across the aisle. I still believe that. I think that everyone should be included and I welcome their help and welcome their support. And I’m sure the people of Arizona welcome their support as well as the Republicans.

Reporter: Does that mean you want everyone at the same table?

Brewer: Do I want everybody at the same table? Absolutely, I think if we can work it out and everyone can be at the same table. We can resolve it.

Reporter: Is there one Democratic idea that has any merit?

Brewer: They haven’t really given me anything in detail. They gave me the printed copy you all have on Sine Die. All the elected officials want the best for the state of Arizona and I’m willing to join in with them and help.

For months now Democratic Leadership has asked Governor Brewer to convene five-way talks between all four caucuses. Letters from May and June have been sent to media to prove it. In addition, Senate and House Democrats provided at least two complete budget proposals and several option lists over the course of the legislative session. Here are a few examples.

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