Saturday, December 19, 2009

Statement from Senate Democratic Leader Jorge Luis Garcia on Passage of Budget Cuts

“Today, the Legislature passed and will send to the Governor a bill that will cut $200 million from the state’s budget. I could not in good conscience vote for this bill because it does not reflect the priorities of our citizens.

“The Republican Legislature has continued to protect their Republicans friends, such as the State Treasurer and Secretary of State, as they have not taken any budget cuts. Instead, they chose to dramatically cut the Attorney General's office, which protects Arizonans against financial fraud and border crime and programs like child abuse prevention and high risk perinatal programs. In addition, this bill ensures that half of the states parks will close.

“As we get ready for the Regular Session January 11, I continue to hope that both parties can sit down to address this fiscal crisis with a bipartisan spirit because this situation is only going to get worse before it gets any better. With federal funds for education rapidly running thin, we must be creative and comprehensive in planning for the state’s future as to not erect great barriers in educational opportunities for generations to come.”

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