Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sen. Hale introduces SB 1164, a bill to regulate the use of Native American practices

STATE CAPITOL, Phoenix – Today, Sen. Albert Hale will introduce a bill to regulate the use of traditional Native American practices off of Indian Nation lands.

“We need to make certain that proper procedures are followed and safety precautions are taken when our traditional Native American practices are used off of Indian Nation lands and done without authority of Indian Nations,” said Sen. Albert Hale. “Regulations are necessary to help prevent the public from paying for a service that may not in fact be a Native American traditional practice but advertised as one as it is important to protect the safety and health of participants who may have no knowledge of these practices.”

The bill requires the Arizona Department of Health Services, in consultation with the Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs, to adopt rules for the regulation of any individual or business that charges people to participate in what the individual or business claims are traditional and authentic Native American practices. It would not apply to those practices occurring on tribal lands and with the authorization of a tribal jurisdiction’s governing board.

Press conference speakers pictured: Sen. Albert Hale (at podium), President Joe Shirley, Jr. (far right)
(Photo: Jeanette Tejeda de Gomez, Arizona Senate)

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