Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Democratic Statement on STO Contribution Deadline Extension

STATE CAPITOL, Phoenix – On Wednesday, the Senate Education Committee voted to extend the deadline for student tuition organizations in order for individuals to be eligible for existing income tax credits to the deadline for filing the applicable income tax return, including any extensions. This takes the date past April 15.

“We cannot keep creating loopholes to subsidize private and religious schools while proposals to cut public education still exist,” said Democratic Whip Sen. Linda Lopez.

“Especially during an economic crisis this is fiscally irresponsible,” said Sen. Paula Aboud. “We have an obligation to fund our public schools and this takes money out of the general fund.”

“We should be consistent for our state and this is not a consistent or efficient way to run our government,” said Sen. Leah Landrum Taylor.

SB 1274 passed the Education Accountability and Reform Committee by 4-3 with all three Democrats voting no.

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