Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sen. Aguirre: Fire District Dissolution Process to Include Property Owners

STATE CAPITOL, Phoenix – Legislation sponsored by Sen. Amanda Aguirre that modifies the dissolution process of a fire district to include property owners was signed into law.

The bill was brought to Sen. Aguirre by constituents in the legislative district who were concerned that the current process for dissolution did not include those whose property would be affected. A number of the property owners are part year residents and were excluded from the process.

“When a fire district is established, the process includes property owners in Arizona, but when a district is dissolved the process does not include property owners,” said Sen. Aguirre. “With SB 1253, the dissolution process mirrors the process for creating a fire district. It is only logical that the property owners in a district should also be included.”

Current law requires a three-stop process that includes a majority of the qualified electors, majority of property owners and the property owners with a majority of the property value. Dissolving a district only requires ten percent of the qualified electors to sign a petition and with the approval of the majority of the voters a district may be dissolved.

As required by SB 1253, a petition must be signed by the majority of the property owners and the property owners with a majority of the value in order to dissolve a district.

The legislation is effective as of July 29, 2010.

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