Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sen. Aguirre leads Bi-National Conference on SB 1070, Continued Dialogue with Mexico

STATE CAPITOL, Phoenix – On Monday, May 24, Senator Amanda Aguirre (D-24), along with Senator Emma Larios Gaxiola from Sonora, Mexico, led a Bi-National Conference at the City Hall in Nogales to ensure continued dialogue between the two countries.

A special delegation of Mexican legislators, including federal senators from throughout the country, attended to discuss the implications and potential impacts of SB 1070, Arizona’s immigration law that is set to take effect on July 29, 2010.

Joining Aguirre from the Arizona legislature were Senators Manny Alvarez, Linda Lopez and Jorge Luis Garcia. Mayors and elected representatives from Santa Cruz County, the City of Douglas, the City of San Luis, the City of Nogales and the City of Somerton also participated.

“The ramifications of this destructive legislation are already being felt in our economy and our relationship of cooperation with Mexico has been threatened. We held this meeting to continue the dialogue between the two countries and sister states, Arizona and Sonora, which has recently deteriorated due to the signing of SB 1070,” said Aguirre.

The discussion included commercial and economic impacts, civil rights and civil liberty impacts, and lawsuits filed.

Aguirre encouraged the Senators of Mexico not to make a formal declaration of boycott against Arizona. On Tuesday, the Secretary of External Relations Patricia Espinosa Cantellano made a statement that Mexico will not boycott Arizona because of the law.

The participants asserted that the continued goal should be to combat narco-traffickers, human traffickers, organized crime and illegal importation of arms into Mexico.

“As a senator from a border county, the simple fact is that this legislation does nothing to address border violence, and it lessens long-standing cooperation between communities and law enforcement. It also opens the door to abuses of civil liberties and racial profiling of U.S. Citizens,” said Aguirre.

The outcome of the meeting was to draft a concurrent resolution signed by each attendee that will be sent to the United Nations and the Organization of American States – Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

Part of the resolution states, “The participants of the Bi-National Conference of Legislators reiterate the ties of friendship that unite our two countries, particularly the states of Sonora and Arizona, and emphasize the importance of establishing and emphasizing bridges to promote dialogue between our countries. Faced with the promulgation of the law, we reiterate our total rejection of the criminalization of immigration and the application of the law based on racial profiling as indicated by law SB 1070.”

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