Thursday, August 19, 2010

Senate Democratic Statement on Prison Breaks

STATE CAPITOL, Phoenix – Governor Brewer continues her bad faith ways with Democrats. After continuous pressure by Democrats for her to investigate the prison escape and make public the results, Governor Brewer calls Senate and House Leadership for a confidential briefing for Wednesday afternoon. That meeting was cancelled by Brewer and purposely rescheduled to occur after she called a surprise press conference releasing the report to the public Thursday morning.

“This is a slap to Democratic Leadership,” said Sen. Jorge Luis Garcia, Senate Democratic Leader. “Rather than play partisan political games, Governor Brewer should focus on trying to work in a bi-partisan manner to fix this public safety crisis.”

“We still need public hearings to determine what went wrong and how we can ensure that murderers are not escaping from prison and inmates are not walking away from work crews,” said Sen. Rebecca Rios, Assistant Senate Democratic Leader.

“We planned on attending this meeting in good faith to cooperatively hear about how Governor Brewer is addressing the public safety issues in Arizona,” said Sen. Linda Lopez, Senate Democratic Whip.

The Governor was not present at today’s press conference at the Department of Corrections, she was instead having lunch with the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce.

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