Monday, November 22, 2010

Fact check proves Brewer wrong on transplant cuts

Senate Democrats call for governor to stop making excuses and take action

STATE CAPITOL, Phoenix – A fact-check by The Arizona Republic today agreed with Senate Democrats’ contention that Gov. Jan Brewer is wrong to tie denial of transplant coverage with the new federal health-care law because transplant cuts were made before passage of the federal law.

“People’s lives are on the line and instead of acting, the governor is revising history to shift blame away from herself and Republicans,” said incoming Senate Minority Leader David Schapira. “It’s time to set politics aside and take action to resolve this life-and-death issue. The governor’s inaction is absolutely irresponsible. She has yet to do anything other than misplace blame on others.”

Brewer has been cheering cuts to vital programs since coming into office. During a Thanksgiving week press conference in 2009, Brewer said, “Since I've become governor, we've cut over $1 billion out of the state budget. So, we are going to have a great Thanksgiving, have everybody go home and enjoy their families.” Brewer went on to say, “It’s a good day. It’s a good beginning to righting the ship here in Arizona.”

These cuts are just the beginning of what we will see as Republicans attempt to kick hundreds of thousands of low-income people off of health care while continuing to pander to special interests.

“We are glad the fact check sheds light on the governor's failed attempt to pin blame on federal heath-care reform,” said incoming Senate Assistant Minority Leader Leah Landrum Taylor. “For people on AHCCCS who need an organ transplant, unless they can find donated services, Brewer's budget cuts are essentially a death sentence. That is not something to celebrate.”

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