Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Senator Jackson supports veterans with legislative measures

STATE CAPITOL, Phoenix – Legislation supporting veterans sponsored by Senator Jack Jackson, Jr. unanimously passed the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee on February 15.

“I stand by my commitment to veterans and will continue to work to address their concerns,” said Sen. Jack Jackson, Jr. “It is my honor to serve on this committee and I am thankful for the support from legislative members on measures that will help honor our brave veterans.”

SB 1266 establishes veteran supportive campuses in Arizona postsecondary institutions. Supportive campuses are those that have faculty and classroom settings that are available to returning veterans that makes returning to civilian and college life more comfortable and in turn increasing the college retention rate of veterans. It is anticipated that one of the first pilot programs will take place at Diné College.

“We want every Arizona college, university and career college to provide the most supportive and welcoming campus possible for these student veterans,” said Gene van de Bosch of the Arizona Veteran’s Education Foundation. “As a great many of our nation’s veterans are from Native American communities, such as the Navajo Nation, we want one of the early adopter pilot projects for the Arizona Veteran Supportive Campus Initiative to be Diné College located in the Navajo Nation. We will be meeting with Diné College officials on February 21 to discuss how we can work together to help all of our student veterans – including veterans from the Navajo Nation.”

This is the second measure sponsored by Sen. Jackson, Jr. supporting veterans. SCR 1009 honoring Hopi code talkers unanimously passed out of the Senate on February 2.

Information regarding SB 1266, regarding veteran supportive campuses, is located online:

Information regarding SCR 1009 honoring the Hopi Code Talkers is located online:

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