Thursday, February 24, 2011

Statement from Sen. Aboud on Pima County secession

STATE CAPITOL, Phoenix – Today, the Arizona Senate Committee of the Whole (COW) will consider a bill to create a legislative committee to decide which federal laws to nullify. The COW is an opportunity for legislators to offer amendments before giving a final Senate vote to a bill.

The following statement is from Senate Minority Whip Paula Aboud:

“This majority party legislature is trying to form a Legislative Committee on Nullification of Federal Law. The intent is to separate from the Federal government in as many ways as they can without concern for the constitutionality of the attempts. It has been so darn frustrating watching fringe legislators trying to dismantle our state and to tarnish our state’s reputation.”

“The business and tourism industries have begged Republicans to stop running polarizing bills and to please give the state a rest from the “outrageous” reputation being projected by polarizing legislation.”
“Two nights ago, in Appropriations Committee, the business and tourism community was ridiculed for opposing the next onslaught of immigration legislation being promoted by Senators Ron Gould and Russell Pearce. Those organizations represent the businesses that will help lead Arizona out of this recession. For the sake of our economic recovery, for the business community and our unemployed citizens who are suffering because of the extreme bills being proposed, enough is enough!”

“Today, I am offering an amendment to SB 1433 to propose that Pima County secede from the rest of the State. We do not advocate their brand on our state and we don't support their harmful legislation that continues to tarnish Arizona’s reputation.”

“Please know that, in our hearts, we Democratic Legislators from Southern Arizona would love to separate ourselves from this fringe element. This amendment won't pass, but the intent is to announce that enough is enough!”

“It’s time to stop the madness and to bring dignity back to our wonderful state.”

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