Friday, March 4, 2011

Divisive legislation puts our students in danger

STATE CAPITOL, Phoenix – Students from several area high schools have walked out of class and are currently walking toward the Arizona State Capitol. The students are protesting SB 1611, the immigration omnibus that makes numerous substantive changes to immigration law.

“This state legislature continues to introduce divisive legislation and now our students are scared, threatened and are taking desperate actions by walking out of class to march to the State Capitol,” said Sen. Steve Gallardo. “SB1611 is unconstitutional and is nothing, but politicking.”

SB1611 was passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee on February 23 and has not been heard by the full Senate.

“The Republican majority is wasting the voters’ time with out-of-touch legislation that is not the priority of Arizonans who want quality education, work and health care for their families,” said Gallardo. “This legislation does nothing, but scare our children and put them in dangerous situations.”

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