Thursday, March 24, 2011

Senate Democratic members to file amended ethics complaint

STATE CAPITOL, Phoenix – Senate Democratic members intend to file an amended ethics complaint in consideration of the supplemental police report released today regarding Sen. Scott Bundgaard and the events of February 25, 2011.

“We intend to file an amended ethics complaint based on the supplemental police report released today that provides additional details of the domestic violence incident involving Senator Bundgaard,” said Senate Assistant Minority Leader Leah Landrum Taylor. “I would like to have a meeting with the Chair of the Ethics committee prior to submitting a final amended complaint.”

In the supplemental report, the police officers write that Senator Bundgaard refused to take a field sobriety test, despite smelling of alcohol, demanded that he was immune from arrest because he was a state senator, and never mentioned that Ms. Ballard had tried to reach for a gun, a statement in complete contradiction to what Senator Bundgaard told members of the Republican caucus.

“This police report directly contradicts many of the statements that Senator Bundgaard has made describing the domestic violence incident,” said Landrum Taylor. “This report raises some serious ethical questions. Did he violate the law? Did he abuse the legislative immunity from arrest? Was he drinking and driving? Did he lie to either the police or his Senate colleagues? These are all questions that the Senate and the public deserve answers to.”

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