Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Senator Jack Jackson, Jr. opposes Grand Canyon uranium mining memorial

STATE CAPITOL, Phoenix – Today, the Arizona Senate passed Senate Concurrent Memorial 1007 with all Democrats voting to oppose the measure. SCM 1007 is a “postcard” to Congress which urges the Secretary of the United States Department of Interior to refrain from withdrawing Arizona lands near the Grand Canyon from new mining claims and exploration.

“Native American tribes and local jurisdictions have worked tirelessly to protect the Grand Canyon area from further uranium mining,” said Sen. Jack Jackson Jr. “We know and we have seen the ill effects that come from uranium mining disasters. To claim in an official government memorial that there are no known detrimental effects of mining uranium is completely false and offensive to those of us who continue to suffer from the ill effects of uranium mining and those of us who would have to live with a waiting catastrophe in our backyard.”
SCM 1007 has no effect on law, but serves as an official message to the Secretary of the United States Department of Interior, the Secretary of Energy, the Director of the Bureau of Land Management and the Chief of the United States Forest Service.

“As a Senator from a district that includes the Grand Canyon, I strongly oppose this factually incorrect measure,” said Jackson. “As of today, the Department of Justice has approved $1.6 billion from the Radiation Exposure Compensation System. How can you say there is not any effect?”

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