Monday, July 11, 2011

Senator’s mishandling of weapon highlights need for Senate ban, ethics inquiry

STATE CAPITOL, Phoenix – According to a story on gun culture first published in Sunday’s Arizona Republic, State Senator Lori Klein pointed her loaded .380 Ruger at a reporter while in the Senate building during an interview. The story specifically points out that the gun does not have a safety and that the laser sight was pointed at the reporter’s chest.

“The number one responsibility of a gun owner is gun safety,” said State Senator Steve Gallardo. “It is unconscionable that a state senator would knowingly aim a loaded gun at another human being. This exhibit of irresponsible gun ownership is how gun deaths and accidents happen.”

Senate President Russell Pearce specifically allows Senate members to carry weapons into the Senate building. Klein previously took a loaded weapon into the House of Representatives.   

“I call on President Pearce to ban all firearms in the State Senate,” said Gallardo. “Pearce is the one allowing Lori Klein special privileges to carry her loaded gun in the Senate. The Senate ethics committee should seriously look at this situation before someone gets killed.” 

Arizona’s gun laws have become more lax over the years including allowing guns in bars and attempts to allow guns in schools.

“I renew my call for common sense legislation dealing with firearms and the closing of Arizona’s gun show loophole,” said Gallardo. “The Arizona Legislature has the obligation to make certain Arizonans are responsible gun owners while at the same time protecting Second Amendment rights.” 

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