Monday, October 17, 2011

Bachmann visit highlights Congress’ failure to act on immigration reform

October 17, 2011

State Capitol, Phoenix - Today, Republican Presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann is meeting with Republicans of the Arizona Legislature about illegal immigration at the state Capitol.

"Congress has failed to act on real immigration reform for decades," said Senate Minority Leader David Schapira. “Instead of meeting with Arizona Republican legislators as part of her presidential campaign, perhaps Bachmann should go back to Congress and actually do something about it.”

As immigration across our international borders is a federal responsibility, many of the immigration policies produced in Arizona fail to pass the constitutional test - in addition to being ineffective and counter-productive.

It is not surprising that Bachmann is finding a receptive audience at the Arizona Capitol, given the out-of-touch policies of the Republicans at the Legislature, such as:
  • Creating a Tea Party license plate (SB1402)
  • Proposing a "birther bill" (HB2177)
  • Selling the state Capitol to big banks
  • Naming an official state gun (SB1610)
  • Proposing unconstitutional birth-right citizenship bills (SB1308, SB1309)
  • Allowing guns on college campuses (SB1467)
  • Forming a state militia (SB1495)
  • Giving away $538 million in tax cuts to big business with no guarantee of job creation (HB2001)
  • Denying unemployment insurance to struggling Arizonans - keeping $3 million a week out of the Arizona economy (AZ Republic, 6/13/11)
  • Kicking 280,000 men, women and children off of AHCCCS - blocking more than $1 billion from entering Arizona's struggling economy (SB1001)
"It's only fitting that an out-of-touch presidential candidate would seek the counsel of these out-of-touch Republican legislators. While Democrats fight to protect hard-working Arizonans and their families, these legislators continue to arrogantly push their agenda on behalf of special interests," said Schapira.

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