Friday, October 21, 2011


Senator David Schapira, D-17, Senate Minority Leader
Representative Chad Campbell, D-14, House Minority Leader
Representative Lynne Pancrazi, D-24
Senator Robert Meza, D-14

October 21, 2011

Republicans work hard to protect jobs: Their own

State Capitol, Phoenix – Democrats in the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives released the following joint statement today on Republicans’ continued attempt to hijack the redistricting process:

Representative Lynne Pancrazi and Senator Robert Meza will not be serving on the Joint Legislative Committee on Redistricting because they believe it is inappropriate to lend the credibility of their participation to a committee whose purpose appears only to be political in nature.

Democrats were never informed about this committee. In fact, President Pearce and Speaker Tobin appointed Sen. Meza and Rep. Pancrazi without consultation from Democratic Leadership, a complete violation of protocol.

House Minority Leader Chad Campbell:
“It’s been made abundantly clear here today that this committee is just another partisan game Republicans are playing because they are afraid of well-represented, competitive districts.”

Rep. Lynne Pancrazi:
“Just like all Arizonans, I’m sick and tired of the partisan games where only voters lose. I’m tired of the failures, and I’m tired of getting no results. These lawmakers have hijacked the very process that puts the power in independent hands.

“Last night I went to the redistricting hearing in Maryvale, and tonight I am going to the redistricting hearing in Globe to stand shoulder to shoulder with Arizona voters and express my concerns in the way voters intended this process to succeed.”

Senate Minority Leader David Schapira:
“Instead of working together to find new and practical solutions for out-of-work Arizonans, Republicans are only working to protect their own jobs - and they should be ashamed of themselves.”


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