Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Statement from David Lujan on Board of Supervisors’ Appointment to Arizona Senate

Lujan vows to advance forward-thinking, inclusive vision for Arizona

David Lujan
PHOENIX – “I’m grateful for the opportunity to complete the term of my former seatmate, Kyrsten Sinema, and look forward to fighting harder than ever before for the forward-thinking, inclusive values that the voters of our district hold dear. The Arizona Legislature will be faced with two competing options this session. We can either return to the divisive, destructive agenda of Tea Party extremists; or we can pursue an agenda to jumpstart Arizona’s business climate by embracing our diversity as a strength, and remain laser-focused on creating quality jobs and world-class schools,” Lujan said Wednesday morning. “I look forward to that debate, and look forward to standing on the side of prosperity and inclusion."

Lujan was appointed to the Senate after being selected by fellow Democrats in Legislative District 15 and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for the seat. He will be sworn in on the floor of the Senate tomorrow, January 12, during the Senate’s regular floor session.

“I know there will be some who take issue with my appointment. I humbly ask them to join me in looking to the future; that we might move forward together, fighting side by side for hard-working Arizonans in this Centennial Legislature. Let me be perfectly clear: it is only by standing together that Arizonans of good will can put a stop to the destructive agenda of the remaining extremist Republicans, and I look forward to standing tall for a prosperous, long-term vision of Arizona,” Lujan said. “It’s no mystery what kind of policies it takes to get Arizona moving in the right direction: policies that focus on quality schools and that value diversity. Anyone who is willing to let personal gain get in the way of those policies should consider themselves on notice.”

Lujan’s priorities for the 2012 Legislative Session include:
  • Working with Sen. Steve Gallardo as co-sponsor of a bill repealing SB 1070.
  • Fighting for our children’s education, including restoring funding for public schools.
  • Supporting SB 1071, which would prohibit racial profiling in Arizona.
  • Standing up for the rule of law by opposing any appropriations to MCSO should it fail to cooperate with the DOJ Civil Rights Investigation, and joining with other community leaders and elected officials across Arizona in calling for the resignation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
David Lujan is a former three-term member of the Arizona Legislature, where he was the prime sponsor of the Arizona DREAM Act and a proud advocate for additional funding for English Language Learners. He is also a former Phoenix Union High School District Governing Board President, where he helped reform schools, improve student achievement and led the charge to create a district-wide Cesar Chavez holiday. A nationally-recognized child welfare attorney, Lujan serves as Chief Administrator of a college preparatory charter school in Central Phoenix. He has lived in Central Phoenix for over 15 years.

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