Monday, February 6, 2012

Clean Elections protects voice of Arizona voters

Senate Republicans vote for repeal on behalf of special interests

Sen. Schapira
STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX - Senate Democratic Leader David Schapira issued the following statement today in opposition to the Senate Judiciary Committee vote to gut the citizen-initiated Clean Elections program:

“It’s never been more difficult for the average voter’s voice to be heard in American politics. We see that everyday with the Citizen’s United ruling, which has flooded our society with highly-funded messaging from special interest shadow groups.”

“Clean Elections guarantees that Arizona citizens have a voice in their government, and we must preserve that voice,” Sen. Schapira said. “Retaining the Clean Elections program ensures that Arizona’s future politicians will continue to be held accountable by the voters who have elected them, not beholden to deep-pocket campaign donors.”

The Arizona Citizens’ Clean Elections Act was approved by voters in 1998. The Clean Elections Fund allows candidates who collect $5 contributions from supporters to receive a set amount from the fund to operate their campaign.

“Arizonans overwhelmingly support Clean Elections because it takes power away from lobbyists and special interests and returns it to the people. We cannot let their voice be silenced by the special interest-controlled Republican Legislature."

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