Monday, February 6, 2012

Legislature should focus on putting books in schools, not guns

After failing last year, tea party lawmakers again push for guns on campus

Sen. Schapira
STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Senate Democratic Leader David Schapira, Senator Steve Gallardo and Senator David Lujan released the following statements on Tea Party legislators’ efforts to allow guns on public university and college campuses.

Senate Democratic Leader David Schapira:
“For the second consecutive session Tea Party lawmakers at the Arizona legislature are pushing legislation that would allow guns on college campuses. Our schools need many things to prepare our children for the economy, guns on campus is not one of them,” said Sen. Schapira. “The faculty, staff and students of the Arizona public university system are opposed to this bill—Tea Party legislators should stop pushing ideological, divisive legislation that does nothing to strengthen our schools or improve our economy.”

Sen. Gallardo

Senator Steve Gallardo, D-13:
"There is no substantiated evidence that shows allowing guns on a public school campus would create a safer learning environment. In fact, law enforcement officers have shared with me their fears of facing multiple civilians with guns drawn, not knowing which is the bad guy and shooting an innocent person," said Sen. Gallardo. "This Tea Party bill is a classic example of a solution looking for a problem.

Senator David Lujan, D-15:

Sen. Lujan

“Once again we have a bill pushed by out-of-touch legislators on behalf of special interests. What’s most appalling about this bill is that after years of devastating cuts to Arizona’s education system,” said Sen. Lujan. “Tea Party legislators want to use our time to put guns on campuses, but they refuse to help improve our kids’ schools. Right now Arizonans need solutions to real problems like education, jobs and the economy, not more pandering to high-priced lobbyists.”

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