Monday, April 16, 2012

Sen. Cajero Bedford urges governor to veto guns in public buildings bill

State Capitol, Phoenix – Senator Olivia Cajero Bedford released the following statement today, urging Governor Brewer to veto HB2729, which would allow firearms in public buildings.

Although HB2729 has safeguards to protect against firearms on college campuses, this bill still represents a threat to public safety by decreasing our cities’ and towns’ authority to regulate firearms in public buildings and events. Additionally, it would impose enormous expenses for governments that want to keep firearms out of their buildings.

Sen. Cajero Bedford
“This was a bad bill when Governor Brewer vetoed it last year and it’s bad again this year,” said Sen. Cajero Bedford. “Arizona’s counties, cities and towns don’t want this bill and the people of Arizona don’t want it.”

“The insatiable appetite that some in this Legislature have for guns is apparently enough to overlook the many problems in this bill,” said Sen. Cajero Bedford. “On this, the fifth anniversary of the tragic day where 32 people were gunned down at Virginia Tech, I urge the governor to once again veto this bill in the interest of responsible public safety policy.”

Agencies from across the state opposed to HB2729 include:
  • Arizona Judicial Council
  • Maricopa County Justice Courts
  • The Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Arizona Criminal Justice Commission
  • Pima County Attorney's Office
  • Arizona Prosecuting Attorney’s Advisory Council
  • Arizona Community College Presidents' Council
  • Maricopa Community Colleges
  • Pima Community Colleges District
  • Cochise College and Northland Pioneer College
  • Arizona Library Association
  • County Supervisors Association
  • Arizona Association of Counties
  • League of Arizona Cities and Towns
  • City of Phoenix
  • Town of Queen Creek
  • Tempe Chamber
  • Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
  • Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police

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