Monday, May 7, 2012

Governor signs budget that abandons Arizona families, children

Radically misguided priorities reveal true intent of Capitol Republicans

Sen. Schapira
STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX - Senate Democratic Leader David Schapira released the following statement on the signing of this year's state budget by Governor Brewer.

"This year's budget, which was just signed by Governor Brewer, reveals the true colors of the Republicans who run our state Capitol. For the last few years they have claimed they had 'no choice' but to cut more than $2 billion from our kids' schools and kick hundreds of thousands off healthcare.

"This year, however, when they had a chance to begin reversing those devastating cuts, they refused. Tens of thousands of children remain on a waiting list without healthcare, making Arizona the only state to deny health coverage for kids who qualify for the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Our kids continue to study from outdated textbooks in schools that are crumbling from lack of repair. Republicans even chose to steal money meant to help families facing foreclosure.

"What did they choose to fund instead? Republicans chose to spend money on prisons, more tax cuts for corporations and a lawsuit against the citizen volunteer Independent Redistricting Commission, to name a few. They even made a concerted effort to give Russell Pearce more than a quarter million in taxpayer dollars.

"Arizonans can clearly see that these Republicans didn't have to make the cuts in previous years as they have claimed. They wanted to make those cuts. Their radically misguided priorities are wrong for Arizona families, our children and our future."

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