Friday, May 18, 2012

Will Birther Bennett fix Arizona’s election for Romney?

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX - Senate Democratic Leader David Schapira released the following statement today after Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett suggested he may keep President Obama off the November ballot if he doesn't receive additional verification of the President's birth certificate from Hawaii. Bennett has endorsed Mitt Romney and serves as his Arizona campaign co-chair.
Sen. Schapira
"This election year there are candidates from all over the state, representing different parties and viewpoints, running for public office. Given this stunning display of partisanship and favoritism by Arizona's chief elections officer, how can any of them be sure they will have an equal and fair chance on Election Day?" said Sen. Schapira.

"The Secretary of State needs to act, and be perceived as acting, in a fair and impartial manner. Taking an active role in any campaign, other than his own, creates an inherent conflict of interest. To ensure the trust of Arizona voters and the integrity of the elections process, Ken Bennett should step down as Mitt Romney's co-chair."

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