Monday, June 25, 2012

Statements on SB1070 ruling

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – SB1070, a contentious bill designed and fueled by out-of-state interests like ALEC, has been a divisive tool used by Tea Party Republicans and even used by the governor to make money on her book tour.

More importantly, it has hurt Arizona's reputation around the nation and world, bitterly divided our state and damaged our economy.

Today, even the U.S. Supreme Court agreed that SB1070, at least in part, went too far.

Senate Democratic Leader David Schapira:
“The Supreme Court has sent two messages today: that states cannot pass policies that undermine federal law and that Congress must act on comprehensive reform in order to address this issue and avoid these kinds of legal conflicts. We cannot begin to honestly solve the issue of illegal immigration until those in Congress are willing to have meaningful discussions on comprehensive reform.

“Recently, the President took action because of the failure of Congress to act. Predictably, the knee-jerk reaction of extremists like Jan Brewer and her Tea Party Republicans was to trash good policy in favor of their worn-out politics of the past. This is exactly the type of politics that is taking Arizona backwards.

“It's time for Arizona to turn to a new chapter, to leave behind the extreme and divisive politics that have dominated this state. It's time to work together to create jobs and improve education, things that Governor Brewer and her Tea Party Republicans in the Legislature have failed to do.”

Senator Steve Gallardo:
“After President Obama’s bold move on immigration, people who for all intents and purposes are living as Americans and contributing to our society are able to step out of the shadows, live without fear of deportation and keep working and going to school here.

“SB1070 has created a hostile environment for Latinos in Arizona and has done nothing but pander to the extreme political right while damaging Arizona’s reputation and economy at a time we can least afford. The people of Arizona are tired of these partisan Republican games.

“Americans favor President Obama’s policy change by a two-to-one margin. Even the Arizona GOP spokesman admitted that it might be time for that party to reconsider its Russell Pearce approach to immigration.

“The truth is, it’s long past time and today’s ruling doesn’t change the fact that Arizona’s Republican-led legislature has done nothing to create jobs or restore the devastating cuts they have made to our kids’ schools.”

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