Monday, January 14, 2013

Democratic leaders respond to State of the State address

Sen. Landrum Taylor
Senate Democratic Leader Leah Landrum Taylor (D-27):

“For the past few years our state has endured a Tea Party Legislature that pushed extremist ideologies over common sense solutions and put special interests ahead of Arizona families,” said Sen. Landrum Taylor.

“Arizonans are tired of elected officials who disregard the common good. It's time for our elected leaders to work together to find real answers that address the problems facing our state.

“Those problems are not insurmountable. We must begin restoring the more than $2.9 billion that have been cut from our kids' schools, while ensuring the classroom is an environment safe from danger. The governor's words on this are encouraging, but will prove empty if she caves to the extremists in her party.

“We must also take a serious look at expanding Medicaid and dedicating more resources to CPS to ensure our most vulnerable citizens are taken care of. The health and well being of Arizonans cannot be exploited simply to make petty political gestures against Obamacare.

“We can afford to put families first instead of spending hundreds of millions on tax cuts for special interests and more money for private prisons.

“Senate Democrats are willing to work with Republicans to find solutions to these challenges. We always have been. It’s up to them to finally reject extremist policies by creating laws and crafting a budget in an open and bipartisan way. That's what voters want from us and that's what they sent us here to do.”

Rep. Campbell
House Minority Leader Chad Campbell (D-24):

“We have a lot of work to do this year and I am hopeful that the governor’s remarks are the start of an over due conversation about priorities in this state,” said Rep. Campbell.

“We are committed to developing a long-term plan for Arizona. That plan needs to include a budget and tax system that prioritizes the needs of the middle class. It should restore and protect funding for education and safety programs that were gutted during the recession. It should focus on job creation and future economic security.

“Additionally, we need to work toward getting access to quality and affordable health care for all Arizonans. We have an obligation to reach these goals without sacrificing transparency or government accountability. The bottom line is, we have to make government work for the people of Arizona and we have to make decisions with the future of this state in mind.”

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