Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Senator Gallardo introduces ethics reform legislation

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Today Senator Steve Gallardo introduced ethics reform legislation to increase the transparency and accountability of Arizona's elected officials.
  • SB1280 increases the frequency and detail of elected officials' financial disclosure statements. Statements would require a description of a relationship between any organization from which an official or their family members receive compensation, a detail of any of the official's debts, and an itemized list of any gifts worth more than $100. For members of the Legislature and the governor, reporting would be required monthly when in session and every six months otherwise.
  • SB1281 changes the definition of those required to declare a conflict of interest to include a public officer or employee, or relative of either, who, in taking an action in the discharge of official duties, has a direct or indirect personal financial interest of more than $500.

Sen. Gallardo
"These bills let the voters see behind the curtain which special interests are influencing their representatives, both financially and with gifts," said Sen. Gallardo.

"As elected officials, we are chosen by the voters to represent their interests. To do that effectively we must earn and keep their trust not only in us, but in the system of government."

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